For Designated Survivor season 3, its greatest gift may be timing

Designated SurvivorDesignated Survivor season 3 is going to be coming onto Netflix next month, and it may prove to be a great example of one thing — within the world of television, timing is everything.

At the moment, there is no guarantee that Netflix will stamp a big, green light on a season 4 order — it’s obviously something that we hope for, but it’s not something that is altogether guaranteed. We just applaud them for being rather smart about finding the right spot to put this show on the air; after all, it’s one that could appeal to many a mainstream viewer.

When Netflix announced that they were going to be premiering Lucifer in early May, we were excited that we didn’t have to wait for it — yet, we also worried that the show would be buried somewhat within a sea of all sorts of other programming and news that was coming out. Luckily, that proved to not be the case, but this show also has an enormous fan following and devoted fandom. This is one that seems to have already generated a ton of impressions for it.

Make no mistake — Designated Survivor is popular; yet, at the same time its audience is a little more scattered in terms of its international reach, and there isn’t the same sort of social-media organization on a large scale. It also doesn’t get the same media coverage that Lucifer does. With that, it was a smart move for Netflix to place the show in early June. It’s after May sweeps is over, and it will have more of a platform and, in turn, a little bit of a promotional window. It’s going to have a chance to really stand out and shine.

Another good move by Netflix is not putting Designated Survivor late in June. Because of this, they’ve put themselves in a position here where they don’t have to worry anywhere near as much about summer TV and other streaming competition. They’ve basically found a nice little window in what is one of the few dead periods in television. It’s set up the show well, but now, the ball is in the viewers’ court to make sure that it comes back for another season. We’d like to hear a formal decision by the end of the summer — that way, President Kirkman and company can be back again in 2020. We’re sure that season 4 would look and feel different from season 3, but that’s only because with every year of this show comes another chance to evolve.

For some other news when it comes to Designated Survivor…

Be sure to visit the link here! That is where you can get more updates all about the show, including an interview featuring none other than Kiefer Sutherland all about what’s next. We’ll be back during the summer with episode reviews and a whole lot more.

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