Whiskey Cavalier finale video: Relationship revelations! Intrigue!

Whiskey CavalierNext week on ABC, the Whiskey Cavalier finale is here, and obviously within that comes a bittersweet feeling rushing through your veins. You’ve had a handful of opportunities to explore this story and these characters, and because of that, you’re now invested! Unfortunately, and as is often the case with midseason shows, right when you’re fully hooked is when the cancellation news comes out. We’ve been here with plenty of shows before, and we’ll certainly be here with more again. (Of course, what makes the whole process so counter-intuitive is that with every cancellation comes more threats from viewers to no longer watch the network … which only leads to more shows like this getting canceled. What really needs to change is the business model for shows where there’s a way to guarantee more episodes at the start. Having Netflix as a backup plan for canceled shows doesn’t really work now that they’re canceling things willy-nilly, as well.)

Anyhow, we could keep going for a while not about the complicated nature of the TV business, but we don’t want to go so far down a rabbit hole there that you don’t get a sense of anything else. The promo for the finale below indicates that you’re going to see a finale that is as thrilling as they come, one stuffed full of action, lives in jeopardy, and somehow still humor because you have to laugh through the constant fear-of-death. Also, if you’ve been following along the relationship of Will and Frankie, you’ll get a good sense of progress between the two … or at least what it could be if the show finds a new home.

For some more insight, be sure to check out the official Whiskey Cavalier finale synopsis:

Ollerman attempts to force the team to commit a terrorist attack for The Trust using Ray’s life as leverage. Meanwhile, Jai helps Standish deal with a revelation about Tina, and Will and Frankie come to a realization about their relationship on the season finale.

Our hope entering the finale is that there’s at least some closure to some of the key plots, but still a crack in the door in case another network/streaming service wants to bust in and give it a second life. We know that there are reasons for other broadcasters to be interested, mostly in that A) there’s a clearly passionate audience here and B) Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan do have international followings and international dollars are a big deal in the TV business these days. Keep committing to the show for at least one more week if you love it … and after that, we’ll just have to see where all of the cards land.

If you missed it and do want a little more insight into the cancellation, check out the video at the bottom of this article! Once you polish that off, we suggest then that you subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and stay tuned — we’ll have more news once there’s more to report!

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