‘Duck Dynasty’ season 2 premiere review: Happy happy happy

We know that on Wednesday night, the vast majority of TV critics out there are going to be checking out a show in “Nashville” that has been the subject of all sorts of critical acclaim. However, we are going to be putting our focus on something else entirely: quite possibly our biggest guilty pleasure show on TV: “Duck Dynasty.” It’s silly, it’s random, and most importantly and is extremely funny. It’s also the closest thing to a sitcom that you can get in the reality genre.

Even if you have never seen the show before, the season 2 premiere on Wednesday night still did a pretty great job of setting it up: Willie Robertson runs a company known as Duck Commander known for making duck calls, but we really don’t see him working that much; instead, we really just see him and his family stirring up all sorts of terrible trouble for themselves with some random schemes. Willie’s brother Jase is unquestionably the biggest star of the show, but it’s hard to also love his uncle Si and his father Phil, who during the first part of the premiere made a window for his granddaughter’s doll house by cutting a hole into it with a chainsaw.

The two stories during the hour-long premiere were each entertaining in their own way, from a riding lawn-mower race (highlighted by Willie’s often-silent older brother Jep trying to race with a push mower against everyone else who was using a riding mower) to Willie’s attempts to teach his daughter, Sadie, how to drive with the help of his family. (Of course, “help” would mean that their guidence actually worked.) We really don’t care that duck calls are not the main focus of the episode, at least so long as we’re consistently entertained by what happens. It’s really the perfect escape for anyone that needs to hear Phil say “happy happy happy” or watch Jase’s niece drive an ATV into the mud.

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