Chicago Fire season 7 finale video: Severide’s last stand

Chicago Fire season 7How far is Kelly Severide welling to go in order to try and solve Benny’s old arson case? As we start to move into the Chicago Fire season 7 finale when it airs on NBC Wednesday, that is the big question. It’s the one that potentially alters the series and it is the one that certainly has us curious, based on the promo below.

At this point, Chicago Fire has created quite the habit for themselves when it comes to their finale promos — they craft them in such a way that makes us think that one of the main characters is going to kick the bucket when, at least the majority of the time, they find a way to dust themselves off and get back to work. We suppose that the only time in which things were a little bit different is back when Shay died, but that was years ago and the fabric of the series has certainly changed since that point.

As we start to move forward into this particular finale, all of the questions put Severide under the spotlight. Would the writers really write out Taylor Kinney from the proceedings? We have heard that the actor has a deal in place for next season, and that does make us reasonably optimistic … though we are also aware of the fact that this could also all be an elaborate ruse to make us believe Severide is fine when, in reality, he ends up burning himself to a crisp.

If there’s one main reason to believe that Kelly finds his way out of this reasonably unscathed, it is tied to simply this: Isn’t there so much more story to tell when it comes to him and Stella? Do you really want to anger the entire Stellaride fandom at this point? After everything that they’ve been through, we feel like we’re coming back to a point where happiness is possible and our hope here is that, through this episode, we’re going to get to a point where there’s going to be a great chance in order to see something happen. Maybe it’s not going to happen in the finale, but we think that there’s a lot of viable story here to tell in season 8. We suppose that first, we gotta get Kelly to safety — then, we can focus on some other stuff.

As for what else is coming…

As we get to the end of this season, it’s still hard to figure out what the writers are doing with Casey and Brett. Maybe there is something more that will be coming for these two, but at the moment we still think it’s equally possible that this is just one of those potential relationships that is explored but never really goes anywhere. That probably happens more than life than it does in TV, but it does still take place here, as well.

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