The Affair season 5: Why the long premiere-date wait?

We’re getting close to the official start of summer TV, which to us really just means one thing at this point: Us getting more and more anxious to get a number of beloved series back on the air. This of course includes The Affair on Showtime — as a matter of fact, it may actually be #1 on our most-anticipated list!

Here’s the problem: We’re almost to June, and there is no word as to when the final season will actually be back. It seems as though much of filming on the final season is done, and a few assorted details have started to trickle in. Ruth Wilson (Allison) is gone from the series, and it also doesn’t appear as though we’re seeing much of Joshua Jackson (Cole) either. The crux of the final-season story appears to revolve around Helen and Noah, plus also events taking place decades after the fact. Anna Paquin will be appearing throughout the final season as an older version of Joanie, and you will see much of what could be a devastated, climate-ridden world through her eyes. Should we also mention that she’s going to be interested in learning what really happened to Allison? Yeah, we totally should, given that the ambiguous final chapter of Wilson’s story (while brilliantly-executed) lives up fully to the adjective we just used to describe it.

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Much of our enthusiasm for The Affair stems from one simple place: The emotional undertow. It drags you in, you swim in it, and you really just hope that you don’t drown. This is a show that does take on dark subject matter, but there is a reflective quality to it. It’s one that leaves you questioning identity, fear, and also what the future could hold. Season 4 may be one of the most critically underrated seasons of the better part of the past few years.

So where is season 5?

Odds are, it will launch before the end of the year, most likely in either late summer or the fall … though we’re looking more towards the fall given that Showtime hasn’t said much of anything just yet. We hope that there is still a publicized rollout of the show and it doesn’t fade away quietly. We understand that it’s been chaotic, especially with the show having long breaks here and there and it not getting the same awards/nominations now than it once did. That doesn’t change quality, and nor does it change our investment in this story and these characters.

We miss The Affair. We want it back. After that, we know that we’ll miss it again. It’s really just the vicious cycle of know that this level of quality television is on the horizon and getting so very invested in it.

While you wait for more of The Affair…

We suggest that you visit the link here, given that this is where you can get some other information, episode reviews, and a whole lot more.

What do you want to see on The Affair season 5 … and are you still as excited as ever for what’s coming up next? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: Showtime.)

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