Chicago PD season 6 finale video: Antonio’s past comes back

Chicago PD exclusive previewAt this point, it doesn’t take a hardened detective to know that Chicago PD season 6 has pushed Antonio Dawson into a difficult place. This is a man who, effectively, has his career and his future on the line. What happened in the midseason finale is all coming back again for the actual finale, and Kelton could find a way to use this and the resulting actions in order to shut down Intelligence one way or another.

Nobody can be surprised at this point that Kelton is out to completely dismantle Voight’s unit — the moment he recognized that Hank was not going to be on his side, this did certainly throw much of the Chicago PD structure into chaos. Sure, Kelton may have a certain responsibility to protect his own, but really “protect his own” apparently translates to just mean “protect the people who are favorable to me and destroy all of the rest.” This is the chance for destruction.

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Could something truly terrible happened to Antonio? Given that Jon Seda is leaving the show following this finale, we can’t rule out the possibility that someone kills him. Think of this as the sort of move that would really get people rage-tweeting and talking about the show … but we’re not sure that this is the sort of conversation that they want. Beyond that, Chicago PD just wrote out Olinsky by killing that character off in season 5; while we think that there are some horrible things that could be coming up, we just have a tough time believing that the writers would kill off important, series-regular characters one right after the next.

Our feeling is that Antonio finds a way to survive the finale, and potentially just moves away as a means to get a fresh start somewhere else. Maybe he even heads down to Puerto Rico in order to spend some more time around his sister. We just like to imagine that Chicago PD would want to at least open the door for Seda to return down the road if that is something that he wants — that’s what worked out with Monica Raymund’s exit and it is certainly something that they could also do here.

What we’re hoping for when the dust settles

We get a proper conclusion for Antonio, and not some sort of terrible cliffhanger that leaves everyone nervous for the next several months. If you do want to give some sort of cliffhanger for one of the other characters within the world, including Upton or Halstead, we’re a little more okay with that. We understand the need to keep people excited, after all, from one season to the next!

If you are interested in checking out a little bit more coverage now in regards to the Chicago PD finale, we’ve got some more news over at the link here. Meanwhile, be sure to share in the comments just what you want to see in the big episode, whether it be for Antonio or some other character.

What do you want to see when it comes to the Chicago PD season 6 finale, and how do you think that Antonio’s story will be brought up? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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