The Blacklist season 7: Expect more Laila Robins as Katarina

The BlacklistWhen The Blacklist season 7 does come back in the fall, it will be looking at a landscape that is very much different from what was there before. Katarina Rostova is actually alive, Liz Keen has brought home Agnes, and Raymond Reddington seems to be captive.

Now that the character of Katarina has been officially unmasked, it only makes sense that we see more of Laila Robins as the character — luckily, that seems to be precisely what the show’s writers seem intent on doing. Speaking via TVLine following the recent season 6 finale, executive producer Jon Bokenkamp noted that they’ve been setting up this reveal for some time, and the Katarina mystery is now something that they want to push forward in the series in a big way from here on out:

It’s been something we’ve been platforming all season. There’s more questions about Katarina Rostova, and hopefully we answered [some of them] in a satisfying way in Episode 19, where we really told a full hour about who this woman was and why what we’ve been led to believe — that she had killed herself — was not true. We saw that she walked out of the water, and we’d been setting up the idea that she’s out there. The specter of Katarina snapping into focus is a satisfying ending to the season, I hope, because it’s the introduction of the present-day version of Katarina Rostova. Laila Robins [who plays Katarina] is a great embodiment of both the danger and the specter and the formidability. She embodies that enigma, and looking ahead, that’s going to be a big part of what we want to talk about in Season 7.

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As for how much we do see of Robins as the character, we do wonder that a good bit of that will have to do with the plans for the show’s final endgame. If season 7 ends up being the last one for the series (we don’t think that producers want it to be), they may need to employ Katarina more. If there are some more questions they want to answer, they may try to do that in rapid time. Otherwise, they may be more diplomatic with however much they want to use Robins in this role. We do still want to see more of Lotte Verbeek as the younger version, as well, even if that would take some element of jumping back and forth between one part of the timeline and the next. There is certainly more to tell in terms of what happened to her … let alone how she becomes the person she is now, who seems to have some sort of ax to grind with Reddington. Why else would she drug him unconscious? Well, the only other possible solution here is that she wants to bring him somewhere with a specific purpose in mind, and it’s a place he may not want to go willingly.

We know that we could talk about The Blacklist theories until we’re blue in the face, and we certainly do plan on doing a lot of it throughout the summer. There’s still just so much to unravel within this world and we’re looking forward to checking off every box and exploring every avenue.

How much more of the Katarina Rostova mystery do you want to see unraveled during The Blacklist season 7? Be sure to let us know in the attached comments, and be sure to stay tuned for some other news. (Photo: NBC.)

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