Britain’s Got Talent review: Leanne Mya, Jacob Jones, Truro Cathedral Choir, more

BGTTonight’s Britain’s Got Talent episode is the second-to-last episode of 2019, as sad as it is for us to say it. There’s just something about this show that makes us want this series last forever. Why can’t we just have that?

Anyhow, in this review, we’re going to take you through the majority of the performers tonight and what they all brought to the table. We’ll be updating this article LIVE, so be sure to check back throughout for even more of our takes. We also have a video at the bottom of this article with more of our thoughts — if you enjoy this, remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more and take a look at our full Britain’s Got Talent playlist.

Michael Sandwick – What was this — a pole-dancing act, a singing act, or something in between? We do think that this could have actually been halfway decent, if staged decently … but it was staged rather badly instead.

Dr. Dance – Well, this one is for everyone out there who wanted to see a guy struggle to even finish a routine. Word to the wise — if you’re struggling to finish your dance and you’re Dr. Dance, you may be guilty of some malpractice.

Truro Cathedral Choir – This was lovely. Admittedly, we don’t know much about Truro other than that it’s featured in Poldark. Yet, we did very much enjoy the softness and the beauty of this performance. Perhaps why it was so great was because there was a little bit of restraint, and the group also did a rather lovely job with the Lion King hit “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” — basically, one of those songs you could hear a million times and never get too bored with.

Mind2Mind – This felt very much like The Clairvoyants from America’s Got Talent, with the principal difference being that it was a little bit more about what these two were able to get Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden to do rather than themselves. We do think that there’s an excitement around this sort of mentalist act, but because there’s always going to be so much skepticism around the idea of it, you’re always facing an uphill battle if you are someone trying to bring it on the show.

Tony Rudd – He was a teacher/impressionist, and we think the impressions were good but the characters were better. He really had a lot of enthusiasm behind what he did and was just so happy and fun to watch. He wasn’t extraordinary, but he was very much pleasant and sometimes, that’s enough to make us smile.

Jacob Jones – He was heavily encouraged to audition, as he wasn’t confident enough that he could do it. While we don’t necessarily think that he’s got the biggest vocal range in the world, there’s just a quality about him that is so innately likable. He’s so vulnerability and he hits his notes with a lot of power. He’ll be popular among British voters. He also was better when he lost a little bit of the rasp. Oh, and he also proposed to his girlfriend at the end of it.

Dan Rhodes – The 15-year old claimed that he was going to do something that had never been done on British television before … and then he did the saw-the-person-in-half trick.  He’s a good magician for a kid, but he is little rough around the judges. We are not sure we would put him through just because we think he needs a little bit more time.

Libby & Charlie – This was legitimately great — and it didn’t feel like watching kids move around on the show. They had a really strong sense of understanding of who they were as dancers, and how they wanted to present themselves to the public. One of the best dance routines we’ve seen through the auditions.

Leanne Mya – Our final performer tonight is a survivor of the brutal Grenfell Tower fire — she had a lot of nerves before going out on the stage, but she delivered an incredible, knockout sort of vocal that you could just get totally lost in. She’s still really raw, but with a little bit more experience and training, she could really be something. The emotional connection and pain is already clearly there.

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