Bring It Back 2019: Santa Clarita Diet, Daredevil, Shadowhunters, The Passage face off!

Welcome to the second annual Bring It Back Tournament! This is a tradition that we’ve started up last year at CarterMatt with one goal in mind — shining a spotlight on shows that are truly worthy of a second life that we don’t think should’ve ended in the first place. May just so happens to be a month of heartbreak for many TV fans, and we like to think that these polls help to offer a chance to have your voice heard. It’s also a nice signal boost to networks and interested parties that there are definitely shows in need of saving.

Earlier this month, we presented four waves of six shows each, and allowed you to vote on whichever ones you felt were most deserving of getting another live on TV. Of those shows, there are now officially eight semifinalists! Four of those shows are squaring off in this article in Daredevil, The Passage, Santa Clarita Diet, and Shadowhunters — if you missed it, yesterday we posted the showdown featuring the other four shows!

How do you vote for which show should come back? You can do that at the bottom of this article! There are more specific voting rules/technical information at the bottom of this article. The two shows with the highest votes in round one will move forward to the final round, and voting will remain open here for five days, from now until Thursday, May 23 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. The final round will begin on May 24, with the eventual winner being crowned on May 31.

With all of this spelled out, let’s go ahead and spotlight the remaining four semifinalists!

Daredevil – Is this the most stunning cancellation that Netflix has made in its entire existence? That’s something we’ve thought a lot about lately. While there are some other cancellations that have stunned and angered people (think Sense8 and One Day at a Time) we can’t think of a series that started off with as much hype and ended with such a disappointing move by the streaming company. We would’ve told you years ago that this show would’ve gotten five seasons at least; hopefully, someone will still step up to the plate.

The Passage – Out of the shows that were officially canceled over the past month, The Passage actually had some of the better live ratings. It’s just victim of a network in Fox that has a different financial model than before, and clearly, it wanted to flip a good chunk of its programming. We gotta think that there’s another interested party in this story, and given that we’re in an era where at least one canceled property finds a new life elsewhere, this adaptation still has some sort of chance.

Santa Clarita Diet – Seeing this show make the semifinals is a joyous occasion; it’s almost like Joel actually having free time to build Cherrywood bookshelves! Given how enormous the season 3 cliffhanger was, we’re pretty sure that NOBODY is happy with it. How can you be? While we don’t know if we’re going to see a suitor other than Netflix approach the priority, we’d love to see them at least circle back and give this show a proper farewell. After so much time in this world, is that too much to ask?

Shadowhunters – We’ve said so much about this show and the fandom over the years — they are passionate, enthusiastic, and they love this show backwards and forwards. They’ve done so much to save the series already and while we’d love to see more of it, there are no firm plans on the other side of the series finale. Will that change? We don’t want to rule out anything just because we’ve been surprised SO many times in the past. Just keep loving and supporting this series through thick and thin. That’s the best way to keep the love going.

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