Whiskey Cavalier season 1 episode 12 review: Frankie’s past revealed

This past Wednesday Whiskey Cavalier delivered an episode that took a deep dive into Frankie’s past, something that we’ve been wanting for a while and the show did not hold back!

The crew was tasked with taking down a cartel that operated out of the New England area. However, a member of the crew is married to a woman that holds a special place in Frankie’s heart. Her name is Kelly and she became Frankie’s guardian after Frankie’s parents died.

Since joining the CIA, Frankie closed herself off from Kelly and the two lost touch. For Frankie, it was to protect herself and her loved ones from the dangers that come with the job, but it also was to stop herself from becoming emotional. While Frankie was having to face some of her past, Will enjoyed having a glimpse into Frankie’s former life. Will is a very open person and isn’t afraid to show his emotions and it appears that this trait has rubbed off on Frankie in a really positive way.

Kelly came back into Frankie’s life after the team discovered that Kelly’s husband (Daniel) is connected to a cartel and could be flipped in order to take down the operation. However, the group learned that Daniel was a boss in the cartel and that everyone was following his orders. Knowing that she would have to tell Kelly, Frankie knew it would also mean that Kelly might never talk to her again (many times people shoot the messenger when hearing bad news), and even though Frankie isn’t an emotional person, we could feel how hurt she was to inform her. Kelly didn’t believe Frankie and even went as far to tell Frankie that she wasn’t family. That hurt and you could tell Frankie was affected.

Seeing an emotional Frankie was a breathe of fresh air because her character for the most part has always been the no nonsense type of girl and to see this side of her we all knew existed deep down makes the cancellation of this show hurt even more.

In the end, Kelly chose to protect Frankie by standing in front of Daniel’s gun. It was a sweet moment, but the moment Frankie hugged her tightly was the ultimate payoff.

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We also saw Jai and Standish finding out that Susan conducted psych evaluations on everyone so they shut her out of their lives. The budding friendship between Jai and Standish is great because they compliment each other so well and we will certainly miss them. Really we are going to miss this show entirely, it’s been a really fun ride with characters we’ve become incredibly invested in. Ray is someone I’ll miss the most because his one liners and his ability to deal with awkward situations in a humorous way is hilarious.

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