Is Blue Bloods new tonight on CBS? Season 10 expectations

Blue Bloods season 10

Is Blue Bloods new tonight on CBS? Well, wouldn’t it be great if it was?

In some ways, our brain wants to imagine what we got at the end of this past episode as a cliffhanger and that the next installment will pick up and give us a taste of the other side of the Jamie/Eddie wedding. After all, we waited for so many years to get Will Estes and Vanessa Ray’s characters together and then engaged, only to now have the metaphorical rug pulled out from under us with the wedding. It’s a hard thing to really digest how abrupt their ceremony was and how vast it ended … but we’re trying to accept it now. After all, there is no new episode tonight, and nor will there be a new one from now until the series comes back on CBS this fall. That means that there’s a lot of waiting coming up, and also thumb-twiddling and hoping that there’s some effort to change things up for season 10 and try to make good on the parts of the ceremony we missed.

Here’s what we know — per Estes himself, there wasn’t a whole lot of footage shot for the wedding beyond what was shown in the finale. With that in mind, we gotta assume at present that season 10 is going to start off at some period after the Jamko wedding — we’d love to at least be there when the rest of the precinct finds out that they’re married, but if the writers pull a longer time jump, it’s possible they skip right over it. Nonetheless, there’s a rather generous amount of creative juice that could be found over watching these characters try to establish a new working relationship now that the rest of the force is in on the secret…

As for some other expectations…

Danny – We know that he is going to move on with his life and be open in the future after taking off his wedding ring. Yet, that doesn’t mean that he needs to go out and actively enter the dating circuit! The better storyline for Danny is that he continues to go about his life and continue to take on some of the worst people New York City has to offer — keep being Danny, and maybe love will find him. If nothing else, can we at least get a new adversary a la Luis Delgado?

Erin – For Erin, we’ve seen her already climb the ranks of the DA’s office to where she’s now a much more notable person — and, in turn, a thorn in Frank’s side. Continue that, but maybe also give her some further pursuits outside of the office. Perhaps more so than any other character, we don’t have a great read on what Erin’s up to after being in the office — other than, of course family dinner. It’d be great to actually see her off doing something fun, given that her job has a lot of weight and darkness to it.

Frank – We’ve mentioned this before, but we’re still holding firm to it — Frank needs to get out of the office more! We recognize that it’s probably easier to film his scenes in that space with his advisers all around, but we want to see Tom Selleck challenged as an actor, especially since we know just how strong he can really be. Force him out of the office, put him in jeopardy, and try to make him use some unconventional means in order to escape.

Are you bummed that Blue Bloods isn’t on the air tonight, and where do you want to see this story go from here? Be sure to share right now in the comments.

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