Philip Winchester leaving Law & Order: SVU; season 20 finale review

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Tonight’s Law & Order: SVU season 20 came to a close, and with a case that was stuffed full of legal curveballs.

Going into it, we did know for sure who the chief adversary was — Rob Miller. The infamous attorney had managed to get out on bail; not only that, but the previous Nikki Staines case was getting dropped because of him potentially paying off a judge. This guy proved himself to be a slippery character — he got off on one crime seemingly, and it seemed as though he was going to get off again.

It was bad enough that Miller was a loathsome character who had already done unspeakable things to Nikki. The misfortune multiplied tonight when Benson and SVU believed he was guilty of killing a young woman named Lindsay Parker. It was difficult to find a way to actually prove that he was responsible, whether it be for this or, unfortunately, any other crime.

This is where Peter Stone had to get creative. He had to come up with some sort of grand scheme in order to ensure that he could try to pin Miller down. Stone, with help from Nikki, tried to come up with a ton of different loopholes in order to ensure that they pin him down for the crime. Basically, they both decided to risk their careers for the sake of stopping this guy. The conversation between Staines and Benson in the bar, after a part of the trial played out in court, was ALL sorts of powerful. They were able to make it seem as though Nikki was trying to frame Miller, but mostly out of fear for what he could do to her and her child.

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Did the plan work?

Well, in the end, Rob Miller was declared guilty of murder — a move that seemed to shock and infuriate Miller. Stone’s plot to get him taken down worked … but Benson still didn’t seem to be satisfied by it. Basically, he managed to pin Miller without a single shred of actual evidence.

So, was Stone actually proud of himself after the fact? He admitted in the finale that he valued her more than he valued justice in its proper form, and because of that, he realized that he had to move on. He was going to step down from his position. He’s leaving because he cares, and it’s really about nothing more or nothing less. This was all about him recognizing that he was compromised and tainted on whatever moral code he bases his profession on.

Was the departure a little abrupt? Sure, and perhaps too much so given that we actually didn’t see all that much of Stone and Olivia’s friendship, save for a few moments here and there. Nonetheless, this was a powerfully-played conclusion and we really just hope that this guilty verdict on Miller sticks.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, Mariska Hargitay and Philip Winchester delivered an incredible performance as the two of them brought you SO much power and pain through one of the most trying cases of their lives. Rob Miller was defeated, but it’s the cost of it that may weigh on Benson and the rest of the team. There may also be a fear that somehow, someway, someone important finds out the truth and that could send everyone unraveling in an unexpected manner.

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