Station 19 season 2 finale review: Andy & Sullivan’s ups & downs; an arrest!

Station 19As we entered the Station 19 season 2 finale on Thursday night, we did come bearing many different questions … including one as to precisely who could die. We imagined that we’d be seeing some sort of big cliffhanger, and the question we wondered is simply this: Who would the cliffhanger be about? What would the primary focus of it be? Maybe the writers would surprise us and not do anything of the sort, but we didn’t really have any confidence of that coming in.

Let’s start with the main focus for the episode: The crew of Station 19 heading down to Los Angeles in order to take on some wildfires there. This wasn’t an easy situation for them to be in, but it also gave them a few moments of hope. Take, for example, the idea of Travis getting a new love interest — one played by Nyle DiMarco.

Here’s what makes us worried: Ryan didn’t burn that money, even though we’ve got some serious concerns all about it. Also, there’s what happened with Ben — he did an unsanctioned amputation out in the field, one that he proclaimed was successful. He, unfortunately, didn’t follow all of the rules and protocol that was necessary. Maybe a part of this comes from his history as a doctor, someone who does want to save lives at any given moment.

Ultimately, on the other side of this incident in the field, Ben found himself questioned — and that could mean that his job is in jeopardy.

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As for other important threads…

The good news here is that she’s doing a little bit better despite what happened with her heartbreak — she also ended up being a Cupid for Travis as he was nervous about texting his possible new beau. It’s too bad that for him, he ended up being arrested shortly after. What is it with characters in this universe being arrested for various things?

Then, there was what happened with Andy and Sullivan — there’s obviously going to be something here, and it’s something that could continue to expand moving into season 3. After all, the two kissed at the end of last season. The two were getting ready to sleep together, but then something weird happened: Sullivan told her to go. He was clearly hurting, but he doesn’t want to tell Andy about it. This secrecy is the thing that could keep something from ever happening, which certainly is heartbreaking given that it feels like there could very easily be something here.

CarterMatt Verdict

While we’re not sure that there is any huge finale here, there didn’t really need to be. As a matter of fact, it’s probably better that there wasn’t given that it could be a while before Station 19 comes back on the air. We got at least an episode that gave you an example of the team’s heroism, and also set the stage for what season 3 could be.

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