Outlander season 5: Will there be a cast convention stop beforehand?

Outlander season 4As we lead up to the premiere of Outlander season 5, most likely in 2020, let’s think about conventions — or, at least let’s think about major, Starz-sanctioned conventions where there is a huge presence both in terms of the cast and the show floor.

Leading into Outlander season 3, we saw much of the cast and crew make an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. Not only was there a big panel discussion, but there was a chance for a number of fans to check out the premiere episode at the same time. Meanwhile, for season 4, the cast descended upon New York Comic-Con and while there, there was once again a screening for the premiere episode.

Unfortunately, here’s the problem with both of these seasons and Comic-Con this year — Outlander is still going to be filming and because of that, it’s hard to imagine the cast getting that much time off to go do a convention. More than that, it’s also hard for Starz to really justify promoting a show heavily so many months before it premieres. It’s possible that Outlander won’t be back until a few months into 2020 — the latest of the two conventions we’ve mentioned is New York Comic-Con, which happens in October.

So while it’s possible that a cast member or two finds a way to do some smaller conventions between now and the end of the year, we don’t think the big, official convention appearance a la San Diego or New York will happen this year. If there is one in the cards for Outlander season 5, may we go ahead and suggest WonderCon in Anaheim? This is the sister convention in a lot of ways to San Diego Comic-Con, it happens in the spring, and it seems perfectly-timed for Outlander leading up to its big premiere. Of course, we do have a personal preference as someone who’s been to WonderCon multiple times — it’s a fantastic convention that’s fairly accessible and well-organized. It’d be a great benefit for Outlander to do something at this time, at least in that it would be right around when season 5 could be coming out.

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We know that convention appearances don’t necessarily matter for every fan out there, but this is one of the rare times a year you get many members of the cast together in a place where the public can see them and interact with them. That’s why there is a disappointment when they don’t happen or when a cast member has to cancel — which is understandable given that schedules often change for things. We think there is value in them, and we hope that at least one major one transpires before season 5.

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