How Designated Survivor season 3 is taking advantage of Netflix

Designated SurvivorWhen you’re on Netflix, one of the things that is almost immediately apparent comes via the restrictions — or in many cases, lack thereof. There are fewer things that you are banned from either saying or doing in comparison to regular network TV, which of course has a tendency to be a little bit more restrictive.

When Designated Survivor season 3 premieres on the streaming service next month, in one way you should expect the show to have a few things that are different because of the medium … and apparently, one of them has to do with more language. According to a new report coming in via TVLine, there will be a generous amount more swearing in season 3 than there was in season 2, which does make at least a certain degree of sense given that in real-life politics, the swear-words fly out in just about every direction. As a matter of fact, we would say that they are almost impossible to avoid in some cases!

In adding more strong language, though, Netflix could be taking a little bit of a risky approach to telling their story. While we don’t think either one of the first two seasons could be considered necessarily family-friendly, they did have a certain tone and style to them that was more than okay for network TV. Adding more strong language puts the show in a riskier position, one in which there could be more criticism that comes its way as a result. It could bring more viewers on board, but also alienate some.

Of course, there is a little bit of history here that shows that there are a few shows that tend to be fine after moving to a streaming service and doing something that they wouldn’t be able to do on network TV — take, for example, Julie Chen swearing on Big Brother: Over the Top. We’ve even seen Suits become a little bit more liberal with some of the language that they’ve started to use on that show over time. What matters more than any language is the strength of the story, at least when it comes to getting adult viewers hooked in. The most important thing about season 3 is that it finds a way to really capture the intensity and the drama of being President, and also some of the burdens that come with governing while at the same time trying to run an adequate political campaign. It can prove quite difficult sometimes to wear multiple hats, but if anyone is capable of doing so and doing so effectively, it’s going to be Tom Kirkman. He’s been through so much already and while running for office may be new territory for him, he’s likely more than willing to give it a go in admirable fashion.

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