NCIS season 16 episode 23 review: Gibbs, Sloane, & Fornell’s emergency

Mark HarmonNCIS season 16 episode 23 is delivering for you tonight “Lost Time,” an episode that will make you ponder many a big question when it comes to Gibbs’ current state of mind.

Before anything else, let’s start with the main case here — the death of a man under suspicious circumstances. his wife had no idea as to what exactly happened to him. The deeper that the NCIS team got into the case, the clearer it became that there could be some people being targeted for their role in taking down a dangerous terrorist in Jordan.

Where things got a little bit complicated, though, was seeing how erratic Gibbs was behaving during the case. He was having a hard time staying focused, he was losing his temper, and eventually, he stormed out in the middle of a crime scene. He ended up needing some help, and that is where Dr. Grace Confalone stepped in. She was able to figure out that he was “barely hanging on” and needed help — though he forced her to go to a bar in order to hand down some advice.

What Gibbs disclosed to Dr. Confalone is that he broke the law years ago and he was struggling with how many people actually knew his secret. He was apparently able to bury it for a long time after it happened but now, things are different. Now, he’s considering turning himself in. Yet, the good doctor started to raise some big questions when it comes to Gibbs and his future. She figured out that the core issue that he was dealing with was one where he was using Rule 10 almost as a security blanket to mask his feelings. Now that the rule is burned, his life is all over the place.

Could Gibbs retire? It is a question that Grace certainly brought to the table and he was immediately concerned on the other side of it. He doesn’t really know what his life would even look like without NCIS and that is an important thing to think about.

Ultimately, we do think that grace got through to Gibbs enough — he’s not going to retire, and he’s not going to turn himself in.

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As for the case itself…

The one surviving member of the military team was interrogated heavily by the team, trying to figure out who actually killed the two men. These characters struggled with doing the case without Gibbs; yet, they had a job to do. The question that the team had to figure out is whether or not they could prove that the Mark and Jordan’s fellow team member did it.

Suffice it to say, this case was strange — especially when it suddenly seemed like millions of dollars were somehow involved in what happened? Ultimately, what we found out was that this was the cast of an imposter woman, someone who was out to really ensure that she ran off with the valuable brooch that held most of the characters’ wealth. She was the one who orchestrated the whole scam and luckily, Torres and the team were able to figure things out, even without Gibbs.

What’s going on with Sloane?

Basically, she’s struggling with the idea of not opening up to someone … and that someone is Gibbs! Based on what she told Dr. Confalone tonight, she clearly has some feelings for Gibbs that she is harboring, but she doesn’t know if he feels the same way about her.

CarterMatt Verdict

In between a good case, Gibbs being introspective, and Sloane making a big reveal, this was clearly one of the most eventful hours of the season. All of this will eventually lead to something more for Gibbs, most likely, but we’re not there just yet.

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