Bring It Back 2019 results: Santa Clarita Diet, Timeless advance to semifinals!

The second round of results are officially in within CarterMatt’s Bring It Back tournament, and we come bearing excited news! Or, it’s at least very exciting news for fans of a couple of the shows featured in Wave 2.

As announced in the title, Timeless and Santa Clarita Diet are the two shows now moving forward to the semifinals, which are going to formally kick off this weekend. In that, the remaining shows are going to battle it out for a chance to make it into the final round where eventually, one series will be officially named the Bring It Back champion for this year. (This is the second year that we’ve done this tournament, and we’ve made it within the rules to have new combatants every single time from here on out — that means, pending some extreme example of a show getting canceled, winning one year, being revived, and then getting canceled again, we’ll have a new champion every time.)

Let’s take a further look now at what made these two champions so special.

Timeless – After withstanding a very close challenge from The Gifted, the fans of the time-travel drama managed to deliver a strong enough win here to move to the next round. Timeless, unfortunately, was ended at NBC with a wrap-up movie and even though it did tie together a lot of loose ends, we like to think that it gave you just enough of a final tease to justify more story within this world. (Of course, who are we kidding? Even if they didn’t do that little tease at the end of the movie, we’d still be here hoping that someone found a way to continue the story.)

Santa Clarita Diet – Here, you’ve got a brilliantly funny series that was canceled by Netflix earlier this year, one that somehow managed to combine gore and family conflict in a way we rarely see. Yes, there was a lot of funny stuff here about Mr. Ball Legs, Joel’s name being mispronounced, and also the Knights of Serbia. Beneath that, though, is also a story with a lot of heart, one about a couple who is desperately trying to have something resembling a normal life in some more-than-unusual circumstances. One of the things that is exciting about it moving forward is that it’s a reminder that even though Netflix shows don’t have the same sort of appointment-viewing advantage, they still find a way to have devoted followings who fight for them in the event they’re canceled.

Both of these shows will do battle soon, so be sure to come back over the next few days with more coverage of the Bring It Back Tournament.

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