Is Conleth Hill leaving Game of Thrones before finale? Is Varys dead?

Game of ThronesWe knew entering the final episodes of Game of Thrones that we would be losing some important characters. We just didn’t expect it to be so soon.

In the early moments of tonight’s new episode, Varys was exposed for his plotting against Daenerys, a move that started off when Tyrion told him about Aegon Targeryan near the end of this past episode. As a result of him pondering a future for Jon Snow on the throne, Daenerys went ahead and had the character executed by dragon — a fairly brutal way to die.

With a character like Varys, he knew that the game was over the moment that Grey Worm paid him a visit and he was escorted off. There was no other way that this would end for him at that point. He did his best to continue to look ahead, but his sneakiness was eventually found out.

So who is to blame for what happened here? In a way, you could blame Tyrion since it was him telling Varys that started it — and it was, in turn, Tyrion who ended up identifying Varys as the traitor as soon as he figured that out. Yet, you could go further back here and blame Sansa for telling Tyrion in the first place. If she had kept that bit of information to herself, this never would have transpired. Of course, you can also go back and blame Jon for telling Sansa. So, Jon’s decision led to Varys’ death … but you can also blame Daenerys.

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Basically, we think the impact of Varys’ death is that it does really set the stage for more betrayal given that it showed just how merciless Daenerys can be as a ruler. This is someone who believes now in ruling by fear, mostly because she doesn’t seem to really know any other way in which to do things.

As for Conleth Hill…

He did a tremendous job as this character, and we also have to praise him for having the guts to shave his head every single day for this job. Because he does look so different in real life, though, he is one of those performers who is easily going to be able to find other work and take that on once we get to the other side of the show airing.

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What did you think about tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones, and were you shocked to lose Varys as early as we did? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: HBO.)

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