The Spanish Princess episode 3 preview: Catherine’s ‘Audacious Plan’

The Spanish PrincessThe Spanish Princess episode 3 carries with it the title of “An Audacious Plan,” and it is named that for a pretty sensible reason.

Coming out of tonight’s episode, Catherine is going to find herself in a most precarious position — she’s standing in the middle of two worlds, one in which she stays in England and another in which she is sent away. Much of it could be determined on whether or not she is with child … unless of course, she finds another way. Her marriage to the now-late Prince Arthur was brief, but it did allow her an opportunity to experience life in the kingdom — and it also helped her to stabilize a set goal. After envisioning herself Queen of England, what do you do when that is taken away? You can either accept a new reality, or you can try and fight in order to ensure that a new one can happen.

If you want to get some other information right now in regards to what lies ahead, we suggest that you take a look at The Spanish Princess episode 3 synopsis:

Catherine stays determined to become England’s future Queen and makes plans to marry Prince Harry. Lizzie has a troubling premonition following a complicated labor.

Episode 3 is one that will have its fair share of plotting, as Catherine will use her knowledge, know-how, and craftiness to try and find a different path for her. It may not be a path that everyone else in the Court endorses, but isn’t that a big reason for all of the intrigue and excitement? The Court does realize that they have an alliance they want 100% secured, and for Catherine, she’s got her own agenda — as she puts it in the promo, making sure that she is “not passed around like a collection plate.” She’s going to push that she stays in one place.

The strongest aspect of The Spanish Princess is its presentation of politics and allowing you to see how one person can take authority of their lives and change it. It’s about subtle movements sometimes, whether it be a whisper or something that is held internally until it’s the right time to make a move.

Obviously, we have a certain sense of how The Spanish Princess ends because of how Catherine’s story eventually ends — yet, that’s only a part of the story. Think of this series as a fantastic bridge between what where she came from and how she became the woman we know through history. It’s a chance to see humanity and the world through her eyes, and that’s never been something focused upon nearly enough in all of the stories of Henry VIII or the historical texts you likely saw in school. Dive into the intrigue, and if you’re not watching this series just yet, we highly recommend that you do so.

What do you want to see in regards to The Spanish Princess episode 3? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon to get some other information on the series. (Photo: Starz.)

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