Manifest season 2 held until midseason at NBC; what’s the plan?

Manifest season 1There’s some good news and bad news when it comes to Manifest season 2 and the plans for the show over at NBC. We’re getting more, but we’re going to have to wait for a little while in order to see it.

The high-concept series, which started with a vanishing airplane and has since gone on to be about so much more, is not a part of the fall schedule for the network. Instead, the plan here seems to be to premiere the show at midseason and with that in mind, give you a straight run of episodes from start to finish. That means that there (hopefully) won’t be any interruptions. We don’t want to say 100% right now that you’ll go without a single hiatus week when it returns, mostly because that was the idea for The Blacklist this year and there was still a couple sprinkled in.

Nonetheless, this is a smart move for Manifest to give it a straight run so that viewers can get really addicted and not have to suffer through any sort of long hiatus. The other possible benefit here is that this will give this show an extended period in order to find some more viewers and get them hooked on the mystery and its various twists and turns. We know that it has tremendous binge-watching potential just based on the story that is currently being told, and with the right word of mouth, hopefully, this is a series that can still grow and expand outward.

(Warning: Season 1 spoilers ahead.)

We know that entering season 2, the primary question is this: Is someone dead? The incident with Zeke, Jared, and the shooting is still ringing in our ears and now we need to see the end result of that through our eyes. This is also still tied to the idea of fate and the “expiration date” that goes along with the disappearances. If Zeke dies, for example, that means there is still a way in which to twist fate in terms of who lives and dives. That’s something that could define a significant portion of the remainder of the season.

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Hopefully, we’ll get the Manifest season 2 premiere at some point in January or February — still, it’s going to be crazy to think that the second season is going to premiere around a year or so after season 1 came to a close. We’re just going to cross our fingers now that viewers who watched the show this past season will still remember it when it’s back.

What do you think about NBC holding Manifest season 2 until midseason? Do you think that this is a move that is going to help or hurt the show? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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