Saturday Night Live music: Jonas Brothers perform ‘Sucker For You’

Saturday Night Live reviewThis weekend’s new episode of Saturday Night Live featured a performance by the Jonas Brothers — so really, this season is winning big when it comes to super-famous pop groups. Early this season, we had a chance to see BTS — now, Nick, Kevin, and Joe are on the show in order to perform their new song “Sucker For You.”

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This song’s been out for a little while now — with most of the headlines around it existing thanks to the music featuring Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas. It’s got a catchy beat and they certainly did their part to make the stage as colorful as possible. If you’re an old-school Jonas Brothers fan — and yea, it is weird to even say Jonas Brothers and old-school in the same sentence — there’s a good chance that you liked this overall. We know that there are a ton of people out there who were waiting for new music for the three of them, and this certainly seems to be the year for it! This SNL performance is just one of many venues that we’re probably going to be seeing from them over the past several months.

For those who missed it, earlier on in the episode the three guys took part in the court-show spoof where they tried to present an argument to one of the most terrible groups of judges we’ve ever seen. Suffice it to say, they weren’t really able to resolve much of anything when it comes to their cases.

Second song

Here, the Jonas Brothers came out and performed “Cool,” yet another new song that they’re currently performing. It fits their style, and it gave all of the guys a chance to perform in some capacity. One of the appeals of the Jonases is that they do change up who gets the primary melody — Joe was heavily involved in the first performance, but for the final ones, we got a little bit more of Nick in the frontman role.

After the group did this song for a minute or two, they then dipped deep into the musical well in order to perform “Burning Up” — a classic from more than ten years ago. We didn’t expect them to dive into some of those old songs, but this may be a tease for what people who are hitting up their upcoming shows can see. You’ll get some of the new stuff, but also a chance to sing along to some of your old favorites from so many years ago at the same time.

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