Saturday Night Live review: Chopped, Tina Fey, Beauty and the Beast, Emma Thompson

Saturday Night Live

We were wondering where some of the spice would come from on tonight’s Saturday Night Live episode … and the show wasted little time. We got Emma Thompson, sure, but we also got Amy Poehler and Tina Fey!

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The two former cast members came out for an assist to Thompson during what was a Mother’s Day-themed cold open. Mother’s Day is a tradition for SNL, as it often allows a chance for the cast members to tribute their moms and all they’ve done for them. Poehler and Fey basically gave you a chance to understand “mother code” — apparently, there are some hidden messages buried in here! This was fun, even if the joke got old after a short period of time. Grade: B+.

Check out our take on some of the other sketches over the course of the night…

Tea Lesson – This was ridiculous, mostly because Thompson’s etiquette coach was a complete hot mess from start to finish. How did you not laugh at something like this? It was so brilliantly done and worthy of laughs aplenty thanks to Leslie Jones’ fantastic performance and the rapport between the two women. A-.

Mother’s Day pre-tape – This was a celebration of how every day as a mother is “special” … but also a reminder that sometimes, being a mother is terrible and crazy-stressful. It’s all a part of the equation in one way or another, isn’t it? Great performance by Heidi Gardner here as she took on some many different crazy situations. B-.

Classic Movies – This was yet another performance piece for Thompson, and it’s one that featured a lot of silly moments — though we’re not entirely sure that anyone will remember it or want to watch it back after the fact. B.

Chopped – The best sketch of the night so far, mostly because this was a wonderful reenactment of this show and all of its ridiculousness — especially the snarky judges and the contestants getting irrationally competitive over the random stuff they have to do. We could watch this ALL DAY. A+.

Court Show spoof – Well, this was random — we got an idea here for one of the worst court-TV show of all time. the performances were great and the Jonas Brothers cameo was fun, but this otherwise was totally forgettable. C+.

Weekend Update – Tonight, we learned that teen movie critic Bailey apparently is in love with Detective Pikachu — this was one of the weirdest segments we’ve seen and yet, we love just about every single second of this bit. The jokes tonight ranged from funny to edgy (think in terms of a Florida Man bumper sticker), and then we got Pete Davidson talking about his mother.

Also, did you hear the “believe Constance Wu” line at the end of Bailey’s appearance? B+.

Beauty and the Beast – Just in case you wanted to see a weird, terrifying alternate-universe version of Beauty and the Beast where the Beast has gym equipment that talks and he had an affair with Mrs. Potts, this is right up your alley! This was more reality, whereas the Disney movie was what we wanted to see. This almost felt like we were on the verge of disaster the entire time. B.

Tracy – Really, we would be fine if we never saw this sketch again, probably because we don’t really love these shows in the first place and we don’t know what the point of this was. It seemed to be at first mocking the “angry” teen trope on these shows, but it went then in a different direction. D.

Continuity Errors – This was an obvious spoof inspired by Game of Thrones and the coffee cup error — basically, the show found a way to scrounge up a way to edit together or reenact some moments from pop-culture history. This was fun, but not so much funny or especially memorable — really, a perfect way to describe the whole show. B.

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