Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 prediction: Who could die?

Game of ThronesWith Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 coming right around the corner, now’s the time where we start to speculate a little bit further about the future. To be specific, the question we’re pondering is simply this: Who could die? Who could we lose before the series finale? In theory, we’re fully aware that the answer is “everyone” … but we’re gonna try to break it down a little bit judging on what deaths would make the most sense and would start to shape the world of Westeros a little bit more moving into the future.

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Cersei – This is obviously going to be one of the biggest guesses out there, given that Daenerys and her army are bearing down on King’s Landing and most stories would dictate that she would end up kicking the bucket. The question for us here mostly is that if she does in fact die, who is going to be the one to do it? Would it be Arya, who checks off someone from her list, or would it end up being Jaime, finding a way to free himself from the poison?

Jaime – You can make a case that Jaime does kill Cersei but, in turn, someone kills him. He becomes the Kingslayer and The Queenslayer and eventually, dies a hero.

The Mountain – This has gotta happen, right? Really, the #1 reason we’re glad that The Hound is still out there is so that he can go to King’s Landing and kill his brother; that is, effectively, the only thing he has left to fight for.

Varys – If he does continue his whisper campaign to potentially tilt favor towards Jon Snow over Daenerys, is it possible that someone could kill him? Tyrion, for example, has a good relationship with Varys, but he does know just how powerful he can be. If he is so intent on Daenerys being Queen, maybe he could find a way to have Varys offed before he does anything crazy.

Grey Worm – He just lost Missandei, the woman he loved more than anything or anyone in the Seven Kingdoms. You gotta think that he could do something reckless like charge into a battle and end up getting murdered.

Arya – We still don’t want it to happen, but we have a hard time thinking that all of the Stark kids make it out of this series in one piece. Even though Arya is the person who killed the Night King and, effectively, is the savior of all the world, killing her here could show how being powerful one second isn’t worth anything the very next. It would instill unpredictability.

Euron Greyjoy – This dude can’t survive until the finale. He doesn’t matter enough and watching his demise will be immensely satisfying. We’re more confident in him saying goodbye than we are anything when it comes to Cersei.

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