Blue Bloods season 10: Tom Selleck on Jamie, Eddie wedding, the future

Blue Bloods season 9

Blue Bloods has already been renewed for a season 10, but today it feels like many fans are in a somewhat-strange position. Rather than being able to take a long, in-depth look at what’s coming in the future, we’re forced instead to take a look back at the best. In particular, we’re talking about the Jamie/Eddie wedding that left a lot of diehard fans up in arms.

We certainly think that many a fan out there wanted the wanted, and the issue is ultimately with how much we got of it — and, in turn, how the emotional crux of it seemed to be Frank eventually walking Eddie down the aisle as opposed to Eddie and Jamie saying their vows to each other or having the “you may kiss the bride” moment. You can argue that they’ve had some romantic moments, but that was the romantic moment.

There have been a lot of people out there who have been hoping that season 10 could pick up with the rest of the wedding, though to us in a lot of ways, that’d be a surprise. Unless there is more footage that the crew shot at the end of season 9 for season 10, we can’t see them spending all of the money to get back to that location again. Speaking in a new interview with Deadline, Tom Selleck has an explanation as to why executive producer Kevin Wade did what he did, and has to do with the show trying to focus on a sense of “jeopardy” and conflict in the finale rather than just the resolution:

How are we going to beat Charles and Di splendor or pomp? So you need some sort of conflict or concern or something to make that kind of scene work like with Eddie and Frank or something else.

We don’t interpret anything Selleck says in the full interview as a definite sign that the wedding will be focused on again in season 10; instead, he seems to be saying that it was a deliberate choice to focus more on conflict rather than the resolution, or prolonging some of the moments of the wedding. We do agree with the premise that conflict is essential to a television show. However, at the same time we disagree with the idea that the wedding was really about matching the “pomp” of a Royal Wedding. It was more about just getting the opportunity to see two beloved characters actually have a few moments to themselves, and we think that a good ninety percent of viewers out there would’ve been okay with another two minutes where there wasn’t any sort of drama or jeopardy, just for the sake of properly paying that moment off.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get it, and we’re not quite sure that we ever will.

As for the show’s long-term future…

It does seem as though there is hope beyond season 10 for the show to continue, as Selleck makes it clear that he is still enjoying being a part of it and having things constantly evolve:

Look, as long as the characters are allowed to grow and change, I think it’s limitless. If you do the same story in Season 10 that is very similar to one Donnie had in Season 1, it’s going to be a totally different story because Donnie has changed, and Donnie has evolved. That makes it wonderfully limitless in my opinion. We had the same thing on Magnum. I wasn’t ever tired of it.

Here, the simple fact is it was great to know the heart of our show wanted to come back. It’s also great to know, as far as I know so far, that we have the whole universe coming back. You’re talking about, from top to bottom, a cast of really good, strong actors playing all sorts of roles.

The one thing that Selleck did not love, however, was CBS only offering him a one-year deal, given that it seems as though he was interested in going beyond that to continue. It was a request for him for Blue Bloods to get a separate renewal announcement, as that’s something that the show hasn’t really had and it deserved that opportunity.

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