Outlander season 5 premiere timeline: The latest predictions!

OutlanderIt’s been a while since we updated the Outlander season 5 timeline — but with what we know about the state of filming right now, why not go ahead and give it another look?

The obvious news, or maybe not-so-obvious if you haven’t heard, is that season 5 is currently filming. As a matter of fact, they’re either at the end of filming block one right now or close to it. Given that filming started in the second week of April, they’re a little more than a month in right now! So what can we project from that? Well, let’s dive into that.

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End of filming prediction – Before the holiday season. If the show kept going at the rate they are currently are, you could argue that they could be done at some point in October — yet, there’s probably going to be a few little breaks in there and some episodes may take longer to film that others. It used to take around nine months to film a season, but with one fewer episode and some sets potentially more streamlined (the show’s already in America!), there may be a way to do some things slightly faster.

First substantial teaser prediction – By this, we of course mean a teaser that has a lot of actual footage from several episodes, and one that lasts around 30 seconds or so. We’re banking right now on something either in late December/early January. Starz shouldn’t want it to get buried during the holidays, but we’d argue that there’s some value in releasing it a couple of days after Christmas, given that there isn’t a whole lot of news happening elsewhere at that point.

First trailer prediction – Think late January/early February. By the time the trailer comes out, filming’s already done for a while, and it makes the most sense for Starz to get the new season out a couple of months before the show returns.

Premiere date prediction – Spring 2020. Our thinking is that either April or May will work out best. You can’t rush fantastic television, even though the idea of having to wait a good year still for it isn’t really appealing to anyone.

When could season 6 start filming? – It’s hard to really project this since much of it could depend on how much time the cast and crew want between production. It’ll almost certainly start in 2020; whether it is in the spring or summer, that’s something we shall find out at a later date.

As we so obviously mentioned, these are just predictions — but it’s nice to have a solid benchmark here and there and to have some fun whilst wading in this long Droughtlander.

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