Last Man Standing season 7 finale video: Mike’s latest heart-to-heart

Last Man Standing
The Last Man Standing season 7 finale is coming up on Fox a little bit later tonight, and at the center of it is one big thing when it comes to Mike Baxter — another one of his trademark heart-ot-heart conversations.

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Of course, there’s something about a Mike Baxter heart-to-heart that is a little bit different than some others that are out there, including the fact that he’s a little bit snarky and he’s got no issue at all speaking his mind no matter the situation. In the sneak peek below (via TVLine), he does that very thing in a conversation with Kyle over him and Mandy planning to move out. As it turns out, Kyle is too busy reminiscing over his memories in the Baxter house to really bother with the idea of actually preparing to move out — which, unsurprisingly, Mike Baxter is not altogether happy with. He’s ready to get the show on the road with Kyle and does his best to move him in that direction.

Of course, Kyle also takes Mike being extremely direct over a coat hanger to mean that he’s getting sentimental … which isn’t exactly the case. Kyle’s just gonna Kyle.

Most of this sneak peek is funny (especially the part where both Kyle and Mandy appear to be hiding in boxes at various points in it), but it does speak to something larger and that is the fear of the unknown. These are characters who have known a very particular way of life for a long time. It’s hard to really shift from that and move into something new. Yet, that’s what they are trying to do now. They’re approaching a new future and trying to make sense of what it means to them. It’s relatable what the two are going through and we imagine that there are going to be some great Last Man Standing comedy moments throughout.

Of course, the best thing about the upcoming finale is probably still knowing that, on the other side, there’s still going to be a season 8. At least in terms of the long-term future of the show, there isn’t anything worth being altogether worried about! We’re going to have a chance to see more of these characters and dive into their story. Enjoy the finale now, and we’ll be around to talk about the future a little bit later on.

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