Big Brother Canada interview: Kyra Shenker on third-place finish, Blood Veto

KyraAt one point in this season of Big Brother Canada, Kyra Shenker seemed as though they were set to be evicted in week two. They had a rough week and were struggling to find allies to work with. Yet, through some campaigning plus a change of plan from some of the people in power, they were able to stick around. Not only that, but they were able to find their way to the final three! They didn’t get the grand prize, but they had a great run that kept them in the game through finale night.

So what does Kyra think about their game, and some of the individual moves in it? Check out our finale interview from this morning. For some more insight on the finale in video form, watch our video below and be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and check out our official Big Brother Canada playlist.

CarterMatt – I’m always curious about this — what was your first sleep like outside the house?

Kyra – Honestly, I think I maybe slept for an hour. For me, it was a bit difference because I was just replaying the last competition in my head over and over last night. The sleep wasn’t great, but the bed was cozy and it was nice to not wake up to an alarm.

Do you see yourself replaying that competition in your head for many months or years to come? Will you be able to wash that away?

I hope I’ll be able to wash it away. I think all of the pride that I have for the message that I was able to get across is, for me, almost as valuable if not more valuable than winning. I think eventually, I’ll be able to let go of that, but for now it’s hard just because I was one step away. The rough part is that I know my days and I knew the answer, but I just pressed the wrong button and acted too fast. when you’re put in that position with that much pressure, it gets to you and you make one silly mistake and it costs you a whole lot.

But, I’ll try my best to wash it away as best as I can (laughs), and I think that after a month, with all of the support, I’ll likely be able to.

You had one of those great underdog stories where week 2, you seemed doomed at one point; yet, you were able to find your way out of that situation and make it to the end. When you’re in that sort of low point, week 2, what do you do to tell yourself and recover?

Week 2, honestly, I’m glad it happened so early on. It was a wake-up call for me. In the first few weeks of the game, I didn’t believe in myself enough. When week 2 happened, I was forced to fight in a way that I didn’t think I was going to be capable of. I never gave up and I kept fighting — it made me stronger and more prepared. It was hard to have a house consensus to get me out, because it’s hard to build relationships after that when you’re a target so early on.

Overall, it happened and it was the most chaotic week on my life. It kept bouncing back and forth! Even during the vote, I was sitting on the eviction couch and I looked over at Chelsea and was like ‘am I going home?,’ and she straight-up said ‘I don’t know.’ I just sat there with absolutely no idea what was going to happen. I stayed, and I made sure to make the most of the rest of my time and fight as well as I could. I’m proud — I did the best that I could. I was going up against the Pretty Boys, man! Nobody wanted to wake up and see it.

That is the theme of this season — even if you decided at one point that you were going to take a metaphorical megaphone and say ‘hey, the Pretty Boys are an alliance’ to the rest of the house, they were almost always in power. How frustrating was it to deal with that? Were you tempted to say something, even if it sent you home earlier?

Trust me, the frustration was at maximum level, but they were winning everything. It put me in a difficult position, because I knew very early on what was going on. But, as soon as I started speaking about it with other people, [it was hard]. Luckily, Chelsea opened that door with her campaign, so I was able to be like ‘oh, Chelsea said this — what do you think about it? It’s crazy.’ In reality, I’m the one that told her about the sign. I knew about it, but I had to play dumb because the moment I started talking about it, it got back to Dane. I knew I had to be really careful because speaking about it would let them know how much I knew. I knew I had to play dumb and let them think that I was easily controlled. I needed more time in the house to crack the foundation and have a time to strike. I knew that, at some point, someone else would have power.

I wanted to take numbers away from Dane, because I saw him as the most powerful one in that. I thought I could more control Adam because of my relationship with Sam. He felt indebted to protect me and I used that as best as I could. But yeah, I really wanted to scream it at the top of my lungs, but I had to let go of my pride a little bit and be smart. I tried my best to do that! It was hard, because it was so obvious to me. It was frustrating for other people to not see that.

You had such a great piece of jewelry in the Blood Veto, but you opted not to use it. It was tough because if you did, you run the risk of the whole house being mad at you. Was there a situation where you could’ve found yourself using it?

I was the one who encouraged Sam to put up Kiki and Mark. Originally, I wanted Mark out — he was a part of this alliance and we saw him as the weakest link. We saw him as the easiest to take out because he didn’t have outside alliances. He didn’t have numbers in his favor necessarily. But, we realized that it seemed like he was more disposable to the boys and he would more likely run to power and that’s why he was sticking with the boys. I thought it was more effective to take out a number around Dane, and I knew that Kiki would always stay loyal to Dane and that became very clear very quickly.

I wouldn’t have gone against the whole house if it was just to get Mark out. There was a conversation that I had with Sam and I wanted to backdoor Dane during that HoH. I was like ‘we can tell Adam that we’re going to backdoor Cory and put Dane up, you know, and blindside him.’ Had I known what the Blood Veto was (laughs), I definitely would have pushed for that even more! Yet, at the end of the day, we didn’t have the numbers to take Dane out. There was no reason to take a shot and let people see your cards if you can’t actually finish it.

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