Lucifer season 4 episode 3 review: Chloe’s woe is Lauren German’s gain

LuciferAfter watching Lucifer season 4 episode 3, there’s a simple question we’d like to pose: Is this Lauren German’s best performance ever?

At the moment, we’re keen to think so given just how emotional Chloe Decker got by the end of this. This was a character deep within an emotional hole and struggling to find a way to climb out. As for the reason why, it’s really due to her fully realizing the error of her ways in going to Father Kenley in the first place. She recognized that while she may have her frustrations with one Lucifer Morningstar, she recognizes that he’s not fully evil; therefore, there is little sense to fully trying to remove him from the Earth.

The problem that Chloe had is that after Kenley visited Lucifer in the early going, he knew that he’d been lied to and he spent most of the episode testing her and not being the nicest person in general … until the two tried to talk things out. It was only after resolving the murder case — one that was tied to a larger prophecy, a “conspiracy” that had Kenley arrested — that she made it clear to him that she initially visited the Father out of fear. She was terrified what him being the Devil actually meant, even if she did think that he was a good person to her and had shown that here and there. The entire closing scene with German and Tom Ellis was fantastic, with electricity really firing off at all cylinders between the two of them constantly.

At the very end of the episode, Lucifer did make his current stance clear to her — that if she cannot accept him or be okay with his true Devil Face, then there may not be a future. That doesn’t mean that he wants to just stroll around showing that off to the world, but it is a part of him. Chloe’s still struggling, and Lucifer is perhaps being too impatient; yet, this is coming on the heels of everything with Kenley and Chloe lying to him. Were this a different situation, perhaps his patience would be a little more present than it is otherwise.

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The larger prophecy

From what we can tell, Kenley’s goal is to separate Chloe and Lucifer in order to ensure that he can prevent whatever he feels is coming — maybe it’s a calamity, or maybe it’s something different than he would even expect. However, none of his attempts of doing so in this episode worked completely, though there is obviously still something there.

Here’s the twist, though — Chloe may be one of Lucifer Morningstar’s great loves, but he has also loved before. The person who he has loved before is Eve, who turned up at the very end of this episode and ordered a JD from Scrubs favorite in an apple-tini. It seems like she’s somehow been brought in to be, ironically, the temptress to Lucifer here, and to push him further away towards Chloe. It’s hard to know if that will work, but it’s another interesting twist in what is an increasingly-fascinating season.

CarterMatt Verdict

Did we mention that Amenadiel also proposed to Linda at the end of the episode? It was an amusing sideplot watching him try to figure out the right thing to do after realizing she was pregnant, but going so far out of control when in reality, all he needed to do was just be himself and be there for her as she figured out what her life would be like moving forward.

This episode will, in the end, be extremely memorable — it is the introduction to Eve, we’re seeing a new side of Amenadiel, and we’re also getting a chance to see Ellis and German at their best. We do want Lucifer and Chloe together, but when there’s tension, there’s always dynamite potential.

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