Blue Bloods season 9 finale video: Is Eddie walking herself down the aisle?

Blue Bloods season 9

We know that entering the Blue Bloods season 9 finale, there were plenty of questions regarding Eddie and who could walk her down the aisle. Were there a lot of possibilities out there? Sure, and that’s with her father Armin still being behind bars. We thought we could see a situation where her mother Lena took on the job, or her soon-to-be father-in-law Frank. You could even make a case for Henry to do it.

Yet, in the end, Eddie’s doing what we personally feel is the right choice for who she is, and also a bucking of tradition for what is at times a very traditional show — she’s walking herself down the aisle in the finale! Nobody is “giving her away,” to use the old-timey phrase. That’s something that you can see echoed in the sneak peek below (via Entertainment Weekly), as Frank explains why she’s decided to do that and why it works perfectly for her.

As it turns out, Eddie’s decision (and Frank’s speech!) was inspired in some ways by Vanessa Ray’s real life. Speaking via the aforementioned publication, Ray explains how a story from her own wedding ended up translating well to the show:

“My parents were in town and came to visit me at work, [and] we were talking with our executive producer, Kevin Wade, about the wedding and who would walk Eddie down the aisle,” she recalls. “Not a lot of people know this, but when I asked my dad to walk me down the aisle for my wedding, he said no! Then he explained that it’s because that is an antiquated tradition. I’m not property. I’m not his to give away. I’m my own person and I get to make the choices for my life.… Kevin heard that story and loved it! … [Kevin] and Brian Burns then wrote that incredible speech for Frank.… It took everything in me not to cry hearing Tom Selleck repeat words my dad said to me.”

So obviously, this finale’s going to be an emotional one, so prepare for that in advance. We certainly know that there will be some powerful moments that speak to Jamie and Eddie’s journey, but remember at the same time that this is Blue Bloods — there are also going to be a number of moments related to the police department and drama that is happening outside of the wedding at all. This will be a special episode, but still have the same DNA of every other one that you’ve seen over the years. It’s hard to really envision this show changing its stripes all that much, even for the sake of just one episode.

By the end of this episode, expect to see Jamie and Eddie preparing for the next phase of their lives — but don’t be shocked if there are a few other surprises that eke their way into the show as well.

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