Is Evan Ross leaving STAR (season 3 finale); is Angel, Miss Ruby dead?

Luke James leaving STARIs Juanita Jennings leaving STAR following the season 3 finale, and is the character of Miss Ruby actually dead?

We gotta say that entering this episode, we imagined that there were going to be a lot of surprises — however, we didn’t quite think that this was going to be one of them. Losing a character like this, especially in the brutal, gunfire-laden way that it happened was shocking. It was also incredibly awkward when you consider the fact that it happened amidst a wedding that was sweet and romantic.

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Also, it came about in the midst of an episode that included all sorts of other surprise drama — think in terms of a stolen ASA award that Take 3 was able to get back after some serious awards-show controversy. Also, you had Star’s hearing over Davis, where she was able to convince the judge to relinquish Noah’s paternity rights. After some of his behavior, it wasn’t that hard to present an argument. He may have been working in order to prove that he was sober, but that only worked so much and so far.

The good news is that Alex and Derek did get married, and they had that moment that so many people out there were wanting. Of course, it just had to come about at a time when we were still mourning Ruby and it was hard to really focus on anything else — how could you? Jennings didn’t always get a ton of screen time, but when she did, it really mattered.

Yet, somehow, the departure of Miss Ruby, may only scratch the surface of all of the craziness that transpired over the course of this finale, given that in the closing minutes, we saw the entire wedding get shot up. This was one of the most shocking cliffhangers that we could’ve ever imagined — Davis was kidnapped, babysitter Jackson was knocked out, Star and Noah got closer as a result of all of it (somehow) and we don’t know if Angel is okay and if Evan Ross is leaving the show or not. While it seems as though Miss Ruby is done, we can’t exactly say that for Ross just yet. Consider this your cliffhanger and we’ve got a LONG ways to go until season 4. Rest assured we’re excited to see everything that happens from here!

Is this the craziest finale of the entire season? It sure feels like it right now given how much is currently up in the air.

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