Big Brother Canada 7 eviction: Was Adam Pike sent to jury at final four?

Adam PikeTonight, Big Brother Canada 7 aired a special eviction show — though it’s really not that special, since something similar happens every single season at this time. It’s really just all about finding a way in order to create some “drama” at this point in the season.

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Ultimately, the main crux of tonight’s show, at least for us, revolved around Adam Pike and whether or not he could find a way to escape the difficult situation that he was in. He entered tonight’s episode the obvious target, and for good reason — he’d won a ton of competitions and wasn’t as involved in as much back-stabbing as Dane was. If you’re Head of Household Dane, of course you’re going to want to take him out. We’d hope that maybe he was bluffing on that idea, but he wasn’t, and he also proved it tonight.

After Dane won the Veto, which was an especially-awesome challenge made into a giant video game, he then had an opportunity to control the rest of the vote. He decided to let Anthony cast the deciding vote and following that, Anthony made the decision to evict him from the game. We do feel for Adam, given that he is such a big competitor.

The real winner for Adam going home now is Anthony, mostly because he’s got a better chance of winning the final Head of Household now. Really, the same for Kyra. Really, to us the big loser tonight is Dane. If Adam stayed in the game, Dane would’ve had someone who would’ve taken him to the final two. Now, he’s going to the final three with two people who would likely take each other.

Ultimately, the thing that shocked us was just how emotional all of the guys got over this decision — they really agonized over it, for better and for worse. Adam did make some really good points, as well, making an argument to Anthony that if he stayed, he would take him to the final two because he had a better chance of beating him. We don’t know if he actually meant it, but it was at least a good argument to present. It just, unfortunately, didn’t work out for him and it wasn’t enough to keep him in the game.

If Big Brother Canada does bring back more returning players, you gotta think that Adam is a candidate for it. He really grew on a lot of people all season, really to the point where now, he’s seemingly the most popular person in the entire Pretty Boys group.

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