‘Sons of Anarchy’ review: Justified actions

Two weeks removed from the death of Opie on “Sons of Anarchy,” and it feels as though the show is really still trying to sort itself out. Rather than dropping a number of huge bombs on us now, it feels as though Kurt Sutter and the writers are instead doing their best to build things up slowly to what is going to be an earth-shattering event later on in the season.

So what are the notable moments from this week? Save for a brief cameo from “Justified” star Walton Goggins that was all kinds of awesome, we had Tara and Gemma continue to bond and improve their relationship, which really is a welcome change. Why? We have a pretty good idea: after seeing much of the same thing play out for these characters time and time again on the show, we really are not only ready, but excited, to see something new come out of these two characters.

Elsewhere, Jax also had a little bit of a bonding session with none other than the Mayor this week, which is going to be a rather valuable friendship to have. After all, what better way to run an operation involving a brothel than have some friends in valuable places? We are still not sure just where this story with Nero is going, but color us intrigued if for no other reason than that Jimmy Smits is phenomenal on this show.

We suppose that the other major moment in this episode was Rita Roosevelt getting shot, but after what happened with Opie it really did not feel as powerful. Maybe it’s just because we love Opie’s character so much that made it all the more effective.

What did you think about this episode?

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