The Blacklist season 6: Investigating the Reddington twin theory

BlacklistWe’ve been going through a number of theories as we inch closer to The Blacklist season 6 finale; why not take a larger look at the twin theory today? Within this article, we’re going to discuss a) why this theory is so popular and b) also whether or not it is even possible.

Before doing anything else, let’s go ahead and pose the central question at the heart of this theory: Is Raymond Reddington actually a twin? Is there another version of him floating around of him out there? Technically, we don’t think that there is any complete way that you can disprove the notion, but creatively, the idea of it just feels like such a miss. The whole secret-twin idea has been done so many times before on television that for The Blacklist to come down to something like that just feels like an incredibly hard concept to really buy into.

Yet, there are some reasons why it could be appealing within the context of this show. For starters, it would mean that the person pretending to be Raymond Reddington is someone who would have a reason to be Liz — maybe it’s someone who cares for her as an uncle, and someone who felt lifeless and listless before eventually adopting this persona. Maybe he thought that the previous Reddington imposter, Ilya Koslov, was desecrating his brother’s good name. Maybe he was jealousy of the criminal exploits he heard about. Or, maybe he actually thought that “Reddington” was his real brother and he wanted to be in that position instead. The motivation for this is somewhat dodgy, but if this Reddington twin felt somewhat disenfranchised in their own life, it’s not an idea worth completely ignoring.

There’s another question here, as well — did the real Reddington even know he had a twin? We wonder this because we would’ve assumed that it would’ve come out at some point over the course of time. There’s never been any mention of it in any records, and while it’s possible that it’s something that he and Katarina spoke about, we just may have never seen it in any scene (though that does feel like somewhat of a cop-out).

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Then, there’s the DNA of it all…

You could argue that if Reddington and his twin share the same DNA, then that raises SO many more questions about the DNA of the bones. Is it possible that the bones are actually Reddington’s twin and that the real Reddington is still around? This may be a way for that theory to still be out there. Then, there’s also the idea of DNA modification, which was really dived into on last week’s new episode “Guillermo Rizal.” That could have made the person who died have the same DNA as Reddington, but we don’t think that technology was around so many years ago so that it could have been useful with the bones. Rizal feels like a red herring (pun intended), and what we saw there was probably just meant to send up down a rabbit hole of all sorts of weird theories.

Are current feeling on this theory

It’s highly unlikely for so many reasons, starting with the fact that it’s too convention on sitcoms these days and there’s been almost no suggestion of it. To bring this up at this point would be highly out of left field and that it wouldn’t really suit the story unless Reddington’s twin also had a history with Katarina or a compelling reason to become this character. The only thing that’s a little more compelling is that the real Reddington used his twin to make it seem like he was actually dead — but if that was the case, wouldn’t we have wanted Liz to think that he was an imposter at some point? Why work so hard to hide it?

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