Sneaky Pete season 3 episode 3 review: Sneaky Julia and the great con

Sneaky PeteJulia has had the worst time on Sneaky Pete season 3 and we are only 2 episodes deep, but things are going to get even more murky now that the real Pete has shown up at her house! What does he want and is Julia going to want to hear it? She’s been lied to so much that she really doesn’t trust anything going on around her right now and who can blame her?

Carly learns the truth

Carly is still on the hunt for information about what really happened the day of the accident when her parents died and after hearing what Audrey had to say the night before she decided to head over to Jacques house to learn what she can. He tells her about the day of the accident saying that her mother came over to his house and told him about the affair that her husband and his wife were having. Jacques and Carly’s mom got into the car together to go looking for them and Carly tries to remind him that in the story she heard there was only three people involved in the accident and he tells her that yes there was only three people and that his wife ran off to Canada.

Carly is still not convinced since that’s who she is. She knows that the car involved in the accident caught fire on impact and the bodies of her “parents” were burnt beyond recognition (no dental records) so she thinks that it was her dad and Jacques wife that died and that her mom might still be alive. After diving into the letters further she connects the letters from her mom to a place in Bakersfield and a car salesman named Tex who turns out to be Audrey’s dad and makes her way up there to see him.

Julia’s con

Audrey is still trying to get her license back and goes to cash in a favor with some people she knows, but they inform her that her license is already reinstated. When she has a chance to talk to Julia she asks her if she decided to plead guilty and that’s why they got their license back, and she assures Audrey that she did not and will not plead guilty.

So what’s going on with Pete? He’s in trouble and she goes to Marius for help as much as she doesn’t want to. What mess has he gotten himself into? Pete offered to deliver a package, but when he realized he was being followed by security he stashed the package in an office and he can’t get back into the building to get it so they need Marius to con his way back in to get it for him. After getting into the office and finding the package behind the couch Marius opens it and sees that it’s a painting that he recognizes. He gets spooked and leaves it and when he gets down stairs security is waiting for him – Julia has set him up.

So what’s going on? It’s complicated. Julia met a man named Vinetti who got Audrey’s license restored in exchange for giving him Marius. This man tracks down con artists that have wronged his clients and that painting (which was a fake) was one that Marius was a player in a con for ten years previous. Vinetti is looking for a guy named Sy (the mastermind behind that painting con) and thinks that Marius can lead him to him. Vinetti asks him to help get Sy saying that he will pay him well and Marius says no – Julia begs Marius to help saying that Vinetti promised her a job that will allow her to stay out of jail and care for her kids, but Marius tells her that no one will never ever catch Sy.

After learning that he needs to come up with $400,000 for this wine con he’s trying to pull with Lizzie, Marius decides to take Vinetti up on his offer saying that he’ll do it for $400,000, the Bernhardt’s get to keep their license no matter what and that Julia gets a good lawyer, but that he never has to see her again. Vinetti agrees to all of it except that Julia needs to be where Marius is because he doesn’t trust Marius not to burn him. Neither of them like this arrangement, but we love it since any screen time that these two share is always magic.

Taylor can’t put that genie back in the bottle

He lost his badge while helping Otto in the last episode and he’s closing in on getting it back. Natalie (the woman who was on drugs that he pulled out of a bad situation) knows the guy who has Taylor’s badge, but instead of giving him up she instead gives Taylor some information that he really doesn’t want to hear. Her mother (Lorraine) is the woman that Otto was sleeping with behind Audrey’s back, so he heads back to the farm to confront Otto. He asks if the affair is still going on to which Otto says no, but it doesn’t really resolve the hurt feelings that Taylor has.

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CarterMatt Verdict

There has been a lot of fun story threads this season so far and even though we love this show best when Marius is with the Bernhardt’s, they have found a way to keep us interested in all of the storylines without them being together the way that they were in season 1. There has been just enough cross over to keep us happy and this set up of Julia and Marius working together to find Sy is beyond exciting for us to watch, especially since these two know that they aren’t related now and that chemistry can flow… that is if they can stop hating each other long enough for that to happen.

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