Why Into the Badlands season 4 isn’t happening; is there hope elsewhere?

Into the Badlands season 3 episode 9 return date

Following tonight’s epic series finale on AMC, is there any hope for an Into the Badlands season 4 at all?

Obviously, we know what the answer would be more people out there watching — you would like to have some semblance of hope. After all, who wouldn’t want that? To know Into the Badlands is to love it, appreciate it. It’s a rarity on TV in that it feels totally unique, and we certainly know that it is breathing life into a genre of television (the great martial-arts drama) that we have not seen all that much of over the past several years.

Unfortunately, we’re not getting an Into the Badlands season 4 because of the decision AMC made, first and foremost, to conclude the series. It was one that was easy to see coming given that they took such a long break between the first and second half of season 3, plus the noticeable ratings drop that took place in the early going there. We recognize that the first two seasons of Into the Badlands did have some promotion and a great platform, but for whatever reason, AMC wasn’t able to get viewers consistently on board the show. One of the things that we’ve long speculated as a possible reason here is because of the show’s placement after The Walking Dead and before Talking Dead in the early seasons — while it did bring the show a boatload of viewers, at the same time it happened at the expense of people complaining that they had to watch it to get to the zombie aftershow. We don’t think viewers were able to enjoy this show enough on some of its own merits and, in retrospect, that feels like a fairly enormous mistake.

So even though AMC is done, is there hope for the show to land another hope elsewhere? For the time being, we’re not feeling altogether confident in it. The chief reason for this is just because we’re not really seeing any big groundswell or any big movement to try and make something happen at a network. The fans are there campaigning, but we’re not sure the ratings are enough for another home to get on board with the financial commitment that would come from picking the show up. The latest batch of episodes, for example, are down significantly from the summer — there are some significant lack-of-promotion reasons for that, but it doesn’t quite change what we’re actually seeing.

For now, we’ll still cross our fingers and store away something in a part of our brain for a miracle. we just can’t bank on anything at the moment when there doesn’t seem to be evidence of any coming. We’re grateful for the stories that we did have, and that Into the Badlands didn’t compromise itself along the way.

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