Is Jennifer Love Hewitt leaving 911, Maddie role? (Season 2 episode 17)

Maddie - 9-1-1Is Jennifer Love Hewitt leaving 911? Entering season 2 episode 17, it is abundantly clear that these are things that producers wanted you thinking about.

If there’s one thing that the producers wanted us to see over the course of the night, it was this character being totally unsure of herself and debating what she wanted to do or if she wanted to stay at the call center. It’s unfortunate, given that we know that she is really good at her job — even though she has certainly gone through a lot in her life, she’s able to find a way to be there for other people within their time of crisis. Maybe it’s because of this that she is able to be so good at this. She knows what it’s like to struggle and go through so many difficult highs and lows.

Of course, we should also note that Maddie departing would potentially leave a big hole in her brother Buck’s life. We’ve seen how her presence this year has helped him deal with some painful stuff in his past — and, in turn, how he has also helped her. We want her to stay at the call center, and we also want her to be around as a fixture for the show. About two-thirds through tonight’s episode, though, we were admittedly very nervous as to what the future could hold here — and it’s a spot we’ve been in with this show before.

Ultimately, though, it turns out that there were some reinforcements in the pitch to make sure that Maddie stuck around — a visit from some of the people who she helped previously. That was enough to at least force her to reconsider and realize that there may have been more to this job than she realized.

We understood some of what her struggle was, mostly due to the fact that this can be a tough job — that’s especially the case when you never really see the people you are helping. So much of it was from afar, and there is a lot of stress that goes into it.

Ultimately, we do think that we’re going to see Maddie end up sticking around in the long-term here, even if there was no definitive answer. Yet, we think that she’ll be sticking around and this is just a classic case of a show trying to throw you off a little bit as we get a little bit closer to the end of the season. There are more reasons for her to stay than not stay, unless of course you want to move her to a different part of the first responders profession — take, for example, as an EMT. That may be a little more practical since you’d have her out in the field more with some of the other characters.

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