Fuller House season 5: The ideal way for an Olsen Twins cameo

Fuller HouseOver the past few years, we’ve done our best to try and avoid some of the standard questions about whether or not the Olsen Twins could be returning to Fuller HouseFor starters, it just feels cruel to give everyone a sense of false hope. Beyond just that, it was a topic that was done to death. We got so sick of hearing about it that we haven’t talked about it in a really long time.

Yet, we’re entering now the final season of the show. This is the last opportunity to see if there is a way to make this happen and obviously, we’d love to see it happen. It goes without saying. This is the biggest coup that Fuller House could ever hope for and a way for the show to go back to how it all began.

Granted, we also wonder why Mary-Kate and Ashley would have such resistance to doing it — or even just one of them coming back as Michelle. It’s a part of their life that is so far back in the rear-view mirror, and it also seems as though the two are rather satisfied with their reasonably-quiet lives in the New York City high fashion community.

Luckily, we do think that there is a perfect trade-off here, and a way for this to happen that, at the same time, also doesn’t greatly inconvenience either of the Olsen Twins. Let’s just say that it involves the series finale and a ten-second cameo. What about if, at the end of the final episode, DJ comes back home only to find Michelle waiting for her to tell her all about what she’s been up to? Then, fade to black. Do something quick, fun, and a reminder that this character is still a substantial part of this world, even if you don’t see her.

For Mary-Kate and Ashley, what this represents is a subtle nod at their past and a way to bring a smile to a lot of viewers’ faces. For Fuller House, meanwhile, it gives them one last opportunity to draw a little bit of buzz — it’s certainly a better headline than A) anything about Lori Loughlin or B) anything related to Jeff Franklin selling the iconic San Francisco home. Basically, it feels like a win-win.

If we were the Fuller House writing team, what we’d suggest is something rather simple — just put the request out there into the universe. Make it clear to Mary-Kate and Ashley what you want to do and see if they’re interested in doing it. If they say yes, amazing. If not, you move on. It’s such a small idea that it won’t impede anything on your show to throw it out there.

The final season of Fuller House could premiere on Netflix later this year.

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