Game of Thrones and the great Daenerys – coffee cup crisis

Game of ThronesTelevision isn’t perfect — yet, you really like to hope that your mistakes aren’t so obvious as having a coffee cup in the middle of a scene.

Alas, this is precisely what happened during Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode “The Last of the Starks,” when some eagle-eyed fans carefully noticed that at one point during the massive Winterfell celebration scene, there was a coffee cup sitting plainly on the table next to Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). Of course, some of the jokes write themselves here, whether it be that the Mother of Dragons has installed a Starbucks location in Winterfell or that one of Melisandre’s last salvos before her death was making sure that all people in power had a magical Cup of Joe. Given how stressed and tired Daenerys has to be at this point, we just hope that this cup is extra-caffeinated.

Honestly, after a mistake like this makes it to air there’s nothing that Game of Thrones can do other than laugh at themselves over it. What else is there to do, really? You made a mistake and somehow, the editors after the fact didn’t catch it. What’s most surprising here is that it didn’t get caught during the taping of the scene itself, especially since the series really took its time to both film and edit this final batch of episodes.

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Still, to somehow single out Game of Thrones for this gaffe would be foolish given that there are dozens of said mistakes that come out every year for a wide array of different shows. The majority of the time, though, they’re just not noticed to this sort of high degree. Because Game of Thrones is, well, Game of Thrones, it comes with an unparalleled amount of scrutiny and a desire for some to try and pick it apart. There is, after all, a fairly large group of people who feel like after season 5 the show took a pretty sharp turn downhill in terms of its quality. With the coffee cup, Game of Thrones is just setting itself up for some ridicule.

In the end, let’s just not take this too seriously, shall we? We don’t really think that it ruins the entirety of a fictional TV show and honestly, we didn’t even notice it during our watching of the episode — maybe we’re just not used to visually scouring various frames for errors, or maybe we’ve just had so much coffee during our lives that we’re utterly numb to the sight of it at this point. What matters the most is that the story continues to stay strong through the remainder of the series.

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