Blue Bloods season 9 finale video: ‘Jamko’ officially becomes canon!

Blue Bloods season 9

Sure, there are many “moments we’ve all been waiting for” in regards to the upcoming Blue Bloods season 9 finale, but we’re personally going to admit that this one is especially cheeky.

It’s really not often that Blue Bloods gets meta. This is a show that exists within its own world and doesn’t really need to ever change its format or offer up some sort of subtle wink to viewers at home. That changes courtesy of the new promo below. In this, Erin offers up a toast to “Jamko,” which immediately confuses Frank until Nicky explains it. Is this some sort of fun inside-joke/reference that Erin and her daughter have towards Jamie and Eddie? We’re going to imagine so, largely because that is the funniest explanation for it. Really, though, this is the Blue Bloods writing staff proving that they have their finger on the pulse of what viewers online are saying.

In a lot of ways, the Jamie – Eddie wedding itself is a great testament to fan support, given that it was the show’s audience who were so supportive of the idea of this couple. That helped to push them getting together in the first place, let alone building towards a wedding in the finale. It was a long time coming, but in retrospect, this was the perfect time for it. It gave the show an opportunity to really build towards something at the end of this season and give Blue Bloods something that it rarely has — a full, season-long arc that is referenced more than just two or three times. We saw Jamie and Eddie do their best to weave their way through their engagement, finding enough time to spend with each other while also, simultaneously, dealing with their jobs and busy careers.

Now that Jamko has become canon, can the writers focus on another pressing matter? Technically, this is actually far more pressing — actually allowing us the opportunity to see the precinct learn about their status. We’re still shocked that we’ve gone the entire season without this being a storyline, mostly because it felt so obvious that the writers were going to lean in this direction and, in turn, give us all sorts of juicy subject matter. Just imagine how different certain cops could’ve treated Jamie or Eddie after the news came out — we didn’t necessarily want to see anyone treated badly, but television is based on drama and, without a doubt, this would’ve produced that in spades. (Given that Eddie’s partner will be in attendance at the ceremony, she will at least find out.)

What else is in the extended promo?

You do get a chance in here to see a slightly longer version of Frank’s toast, something that he is going to spend a lot of time planning in the promo. Meanwhile, you can also get a glimpse in here of returning guest star Stacy Keach playing the archdiocese. Given that he is the most-famous Man of God that Blue Bloods has within the show, it obviously makes a good deal of sense that the writers would want to bring him back. It’s certainly a badge of honor given how important and almost sacred the Jamko wedding is for a lot of the viewers who have been waiting to see it for quite some time.

Meanwhile, let us know what you think about this new promo, and about Jamko being canon within the Blue Bloods world, in the attached comments.

(Photo: CBS.)

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