God Friended Me season 2 spotlight: What does Cara’s future hold?

God Friended Me 16As we get closer to God Friended Me season 2 premiering — whenever that may be (fingers crossed it’s this fall!), we are continuing to push forward our spotlight series now with a look at none other than Cara Bloom.

Through season 1, it’s obvious that Cara’s whole life changed. She went from being a fledgling reporter to someone soaring up the Catapult ranks thanks to her stories about the people she, Miles, and Rakesh helped. Yet, the one thing that she withheld was the God Account itself — that was more of Miles’ story on the Millennial Prophet and when this started to clash with leadership, this kickstarted a long series of events — and in turn, Cara giving a “peace out” to the company in due time.

Ultimately, Cara seems to be moving on to bigger and better things thanks to an opportunity to write about Pria, Henry Chase, and Simon Hayes’ latest attempts to try and better the world. The trade-off there is rather simple: In order to do so, unfortunately she’s going to be off in another continent in Paris, away from her new relationship in Miles. There’s a lot to explore with the two apart, and we hope to see some of that play out here … but we’ll get into that a little bit more within this spotlight.

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Can we see what Cara’s life in Paris is like? It may be a little bit rudimentary to suggest this, but a lot of time with shows like this they go ahead and speed right over the time major characters are apart. We’d like to see at least a couple of episodes of her overseas to focus on what she’s working on, and if being there is exactly what she thought it would be. Odds are, it’s not exactly the same — things rarely are in life!

Where are things with her and Miles? We certainly think that this is a romance that will eventually come to full bloom, but there’s no hurry. We wouldn’t be shocked if something happened to push the two away from each other, and it’s something that will have to be repaired when she returns to America. Explore the difficulties of a long-distance relationship like this.

Is she going to try and help people in France? Is that her nature at this point? We kind of wonder if she’ll be darting around helping people because at this point, honestly, does she know any other way? We’re not altogether sure that she does.

Give her success, but not too much success The producers really gotta pace her with this, since they really skyrocketed her up the career ladder throughout much of season 1. It’s thrilled that she’s going to write a book that could be an enormous success, but there’s really no guarantee that it will be. It may not even be completed! We want to see cool stuff happen with her in the literary world, but just give her a little more struggle first. It’ll make the payoff that much more rewarding.

What will she think about Miles’ mystery guest? At the end of season 1, we saw the character greeted by someone who had received a friend suggestion form God bearing his name. Exciting, no? We like to think that it is, but it would only be natural if she was a little concerned with someone new coming in and infiltrating Team God Account. What does she want, exactly?

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