The Durrells season 4 episode 5 review: Did Louisa tell Spiros the truth?

The DurrellsAs we entered The Durrells season 4 episode 5, matters of the heart were very much paramount. So was paranoia.

While this show has only been on the air for the past few years, it’s fair to say that Louisa’s love life has been eventful. She’s lost love, she’s been left, and now she has feelings for an unhappily married man in Spiros. Sure, it doesn’t seem like Dimitra is that happy in love, either, but status is still status and Corfu is a fairly conservative place. She has to walk that line carefully, and it’s pretty hard to do that when you consider that Spiros is living and doing handyman work at her home/inn/whatever you’d like to call it.

Oh, and there is another twist here in that Basil is romantically intertwined with Dimitra, and Spiros has already promised unspeakable rage over anyone who is involved romantically with his wife. Eventually, Louisa was decided that enough was enough and it was time for her and Dimitra to have a conversation. She went to her and put some of her cards on the table. While there, Dimitra admitted that she didn’t want her husband back, mostly because she was seeing something different in Basil. For the first time, the two started to see eye to eye … at least until Louisa learned that Leslie was the one responsible for Dimitra and Basil getting together in the first place.

Throughout most of the episode, Louisa sought out clarity; now, she only had confusion.

As for elsewhere in this episode…

While we started to see Margo get involved in yet another love story, Leslie took it upon himself in order to help prepare the island’s youth for the arrival of some royals on the island. He put so much effort into this, only for some of the kids to prove themselves unruly. Basically, they decided to make a swastika at the end of their routine — mostly as a way, seemingly, to get out of Leslie’s skin. (Still, a little extreme, no?)

When Leslie learned that the King’s arrival was going to be happening on a different part of the island, he was distraught — all the work that he put into the welcoming routine was lost. Following that, he then had to deal with the aftereffects of him playing cupid.

Margo returned in the closing minutes of the episode, but in a surprising twist, she arrived with her new boyfriend Nikos — and claimed that he was going to live with them. Following this, Louisa and Leslie ended up breaking the news to Spiros about Basil’s affair and their role in it. As you would imagine, he wasn’t happy about it. He claimed that he would “never” forgive her for interfering in his life and his marriage.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Durrells remains as entertaining as always as we start to near the end of the series’ run, but as we are approaching that big conclusion, more and more questions start to surface — including how all of these stories, especially for Louisa, are going to wrap up. It’s long felt to us that this is a show that could go on forever, so with that in mind, it’s rather surprising that it’s even ending at all. The story is ending tonight sadly, but at least there’s still hope moving forward.

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