The Blacklist season 6 finale theories: Which characters could return?

The Blacklist
The Blacklist 
season 6 finale is right around the corner and because of that, now comes the time for grand speculation. In particular, the question we’re raising for this piece relates to familiar faces — i.e., someone from the past who could resurface.

Given that this show has a season 7 renewal, and said renewal was announced long before filming concluded, you have to go ahead and assume that the end of season 6 will help to set up season 7 … right? If that is the case, some of these characters below can do their part in order to better set up the table. (Rest assured, no spoilers ahead — all of this is just speculation on our part.)

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1. Jennifer Reddington – Given how she was so important to the start of season 6, there’d be almost a bookend quality to seeing her back at this point. While we think that we’re meant to take her story and her character at face value, there is a school of thought out there that maybe she is actually more involved in the larger narrative of the series and the mythology than anyone realizes. Was she just playing pretend during some of her time with Liz? We doubt it, mostly because it’d be hard to justify some of her recent actions … but it’s still fair to wonder what she really means to Reddington given his coldness to her.

2. Dembe – The last we saw the character, he was off to walk his own path. It’s fair to assume that someone would seek him out at the end of the season, largely because this is not the sort of life you can just walk away from. One way or another, things come back. Either Reddington may need him for a specific purpose, or someone else may seek him out for what he knew.

3. Alexander Kirk – What did Reddington whisper to him? Kirk’s status within the larger narrative remains somewhat of a mystery, but it definitely feels like there’s something more to be told here than what we know. Typically, these major Blacklist recurring characters get tied up when their story is done, and we know that Kirk is still floating around out there and could very well still be involved.

4. Dom – It’s reasonably clear to us that he knows more than what he told Liz during the events of “Rassvet.” The question that we have is simply what more he has — especially when it comes to Katarina’s endgame and what may have happened to her. The end of his story may have been the last time he saw her, but there’s a chance that he at least heard about her at some other points, as well.

5. Katarina Rostova – Of course, this is a character you always have to consider and cannot quite forget about — but, if the end of season 6 wants to set up season 7, you can easily make the argument that Katarina is still out there and resurfaces. It’s possible that she still thinks that Reddington is Ilya and they had some sort of falling out, when really, there was something darker that transpired to him and someone else now embodies the persona.

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