Outlander notes: Sam Heughan’s march; more teaser talk

OutlanderWelcome to our Sunday edition of CarterMatt Outlander notes! There is still quite a bit going on within the larger show community, even though it may be a Sunday and filming has presumably been off for the weekend.

The big news, if you haven’t heard, is that there is going to be a new production tease coming on before The Spanish Princess tonight on Starz. Technically, the clip has already aired for those of you with the Starz app — if you haven’t seen it or are unable to (Starz has yet to put the clip online), you can read all about it over here! We also discuss some key takeaways in our latest Outlander video below — subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube to make sure you don’t miss of our coverage! We also have a full Outlander playlist to make your search all the easier.

One of the things that we didn’t write about last night from the teaser is the presence of Lizzie within it, which is important for one simple reason: After everything that happened last year and the case of mistaken identity, she is going to have a chance to move forward and continue to try and help look after Brianna. This speaks in part to the loyalty of the Frasers, and also the nature of forgiveness within the world of the show. While the teaser doesn’t give out any spoilers (hence, why we’re okay sharing this), we do think that there is something nice about getting to see the entire greater Outlander family back together again for more adventures in season 5.

Expect a few more teasers in the months to come — just prepare to be patient, since production is still technically in the early phases.

As for some other Sam Heughan news…

Today is the second part of the fantastic My Peak Challenge gala, which is a wonderful event that has been led by none other than Sam. It’s about fitness, but it’s also about self-worth, inner strength, giving back, and building a community. The formal gala is coming a little bit later, but earlier today there was a march led by Heughan that apparently featured participants from more than eighty countries! That’s an impressive number, one that speaks to the mission of the community and the positive reach that it’s had. While Outlander is certainly a catalyst for bringing a lot of these people together, we believe that My Peak Challenge will outlive the show and will go on to have a lasting impact for many years to come.

For everyone who is taking part in some of the festivities this weekend! We hope you have a fantastic time! Also, hopefully, this is an event and a cause that will only continue to grow.

For more discussion on Outlander season 5 filming…

Be sure to visit the link here, and of course, we do welcome all of your thoughts on the subject of the show below. (Photo: Starz.)


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