Saturday Night Live review: Adam Sandler’s Chris Farley tribute, Opera Man, & more

Saturday Night Live review

Tonight’s new episode of Saturday Night Live marked the first hosting gig of none other than Adam Sandler and, of course, there was a lot of hype around it.

Here’s what is funny about it — Sandler chose to open the show with a musical performance about how he got fired in between seasons of the show. This is something that’s totally crazy to think about now, but it’s actually a little bit understandable given how much turnover there was on the show back then — and there was no guarantee that you’d get a chance to have a big career after it was over.

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Of course, we had a big-name cameo in here courtesy of Sandler’s buddy Chris Rock — who was also fired — and then we also got a great opportunity to see Pete Davidson come out, thinking that he was already fired. Not the case, but Sandler joked that it could happen soon.

Honestly, we tend to hate musical monologues for this show, but this one actually worked! It’s mostly because nobody can do a joke-song like Sandler; heck, it’s some of what he does the best on this show. Monologue Grade: A-.

Now, let’s get to some other highlights from the show — be sure to refresh throughout for more!

Cold Open – Celebrity Family Feud is something that we often love, but as a cold open? Not so much? Avengers vs. Game of Thrones was great in terms of costumes, but rather light on jokes for the most part. C.

CNN program – What happens when a news broadcast gets rudely hijacked by a phone that is constantly stuck on Snapchat and gives you all sorts of filters. This was ridiculous but also worth a lot in silly fun. Basically, we saw Sandler and Mikey Day stuck in the form of hot dogs and other stuff while they did some of their reporting. Grade: B+.

Clothes – The whole premise is that really, clothes are just an elaborate series of holds that people drape on their bodies. That was the entire sketch. Really. All of this was ridiculous, and it was funny for around thirty seconds. After that, there just wasn’t a lot here beyond the big production. C+.

Romano Tours – The thing that really made this sketch worthwhile was Sandler’s character going on about how, if you’re sad before vacation, you’re going to be sad during your vacation. He harped on this and harped on this and somehow, it got funnier as it went along. B.

Sandler Family Reunion – As it turns out, every single character from Adam’s movies was based on people within his own family. This was a love letter in a lot of ways to some of Sandler’s greatest movies, whether it be Little Nicky, The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, or many others. It was certainly funny, or at least you are a fan of some of these. This was yet another treasure trove of great cameos, including Mendes himself plus also Jimmy Fallon and then Kristen Wiig. A-.

Rectix – This was short, stupid, and we still found ourselves laughing through most of it. We gotta say that, as a whole, it’s one of the better commercial parodies the show’s brought our way. B+.

Weekend Update – This was gold, mostly because of the return of Sandler as Opera Man, one of his most iconic characters from the show. This was fantastic from start to finish and we could watch it a thousand times over and never get bored from it. It almost makes Elizabeth Warren and all of the other stuff fairly forgettable in turn. A.

Last Call – We’re absolutely never going to be against this sketch ever, especially when it revolves around both Sandler AND Wiig doing crazy, weird stuff with McKinnon. While we know that this is probably too gross for a lot of people, it’s absolutely right up our personal alley. A.

Adam Sandler’s Chris Farley tribute – This was beautiful, and also totally unexpected. While Sandler is tremendously funny, we do think that sometimes people forget about just how good he is at going right for the heart. Sandler and Farley were close for many years and this was a fitting, moving way for him to celebrate him. One of the best musical tributes we’ve ever heard. A+.

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