SEAL Team season 2 episode 21 video: The risk to save Ray

SEAL TeamEntering SEAL Team season 2 episode 21 on CBS Wednesday night, it should be clear that nothing is easy. Bravo Team certainly should be aware of this after everything they’ve been through this season alone.

What’s the objective? Well, there are many, but for Jason Hayes it’s clear via the sneak peek below that he’s not leaving anyone behind. That includes Ray, no matter what sort of difficulties and hardships that the two have faced. There have been troubles, sure, but they have found their way to get through them. This too (meaning the fight in the most-recent episode) will pass; it’s mostly an exercise in leaping past the obstacles necessary in order to make it there.

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In the sneak peek below, you can see Jason and the rest of his team make the decision to go after Bravo Two, knowing full well the “hornet’s nest” that they may be encountering on the road to getting there. This is a dangerous situation where saving Ray could mean the death of others, but that’s a part of the risk that you take. It’s understood when you decide to be a SEAL that not every job is going to be easy and sometimes, you have to take risks and make decisions that are certainly intense and then some.

If Ray survives this situation, he’s going to be thankful — and maybe he will use this as a way in which to get himself back in tip-top shape. He’s been struggling for a while and given some of that, we expected that he would find himself in some sort of danger eventually. Maybe not this sort of danger precisely, but a form of danger nonetheless. If Ray starts to get better, than maybe Jason’s own guilt over the situation will also start to dissipate. We know that he is struggling with a part of this situation and has for a while, mostly because he feels as though he should have been able to help Ray more and he didn’t act on it soon enough. Because he is the guy leading the team as Bravo One, he bears a lot of responsibility. Unfortunately, some of those walls are closing in on him and we imagine that at some point, he’d actually appreciate it if there were some more people there at his side in order to help him out with a few things here and there.

Basically, everyone’s got a lot going on. Given that we are so near the finale, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

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