The Blacklist season 6 episode 21 video: Anna McMahon & Task Force fears

The BlacklistAs we eagerly await The Blacklist season 6 episode 21 on NBC this coming Friday, there are several reasons for concern and questions. We’re looking at a world steeped in vast conspiracy, one where almost anything could happen at almost any time and we have to be prepared.

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Yet, the specific conspiracy that we are focusing on at present is one that revolves around none other than Anna McMahon, the Justice Department official and close confidant to president Robert Diaz who has done an exemplary job for most of the season trying to keep Reddington at arm’s length. She’s recognized that he is one of the only people out there in the world who can hurt them, mostly because he knows of the existence of the dossier — a dangerous document with some equally-dangerous information that could spell trouble in some pretty significant ways. Reddington is searching for it, and we know that Anna is now firmly in the same boat. It’s basically now a race against time in order for the two of them to try and see who finds it first — and, in turn, what happens from there moving forward.

Of course, we have to think that McMahon at this point is going to pull out all of the stops in order to ensure that she gets to the dossier first — and that could include trying to get some other branches of law enforcement involved! In the promo below, you see her surrounding by a number of armed officials, which is enough for us to speculate that maybe, she’s leading them into the FBI for some sort of raid, perhaps to potentially shut the Task Force down! That’s a dangerous thing to think about but it’s something that we could see Anna doing, provided of course that she is desperate enough to ensure that Reddington doesn’t get any help.

This is the most desperate that we’ve seen Anna, which suggests to us that there is something within this dossier that she considers to be devastating to her and her future. Of course, simultaneously we think that there is something in there that Reddington also is worried about, given the otherwise, why in the world would he be hunting it down like he is? He’s obviously very concerned about what will be found in here and also who could end up seeing it. Our feeling? There could be a dark secret buried within that contains something that he doesn’t want anyone else to know.

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