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Welcome to another edition of Outlander notes — or Sam Heughan notes, as we could very well call this article! After all, there is a considerable amount to discuss when it comes to the actor today, largely because he is in the midst of one of his biggest three-day stretches in some time.

Here is the part of it that makes it all the more fascinating — of all of the highlights that we’re talking about here, very few of them have to actually do with Outlander the show itself. Instead, we’re talking about some of what happened with him at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on Friday, and then this weekend with the My Peak Challenge Gala and a number of other festivities.

The Royal Conservatoire – Let us begin here with the videos HERE — one shared via the BBC, and the other shared via the Conservatoire itself. Sam visited his former school yesterday alongside Prince Charles — it’s an event that we have already documented rather well, but one thing we haven’t quite noted is what the gravity of this moment must have been like for Sam as a performer. You’ve worked tirelessly ever since graduating from school in order to make your career work for you, and now not only are you invited back, but you are there for a presentation including one of the most prominent members of the Royal Family.

The Conservatoire’s video gives you a good sense of some of the highlights throughout the day — the Prince is a patron of the school, and his presence there allows for an opportunity for some of the students to showcase some of their work and tireless efforts.

As for the My Peak Challenge Gala…

Some of the events of the weekend are officially underway! HERE, you can see via some of Sam’s social media a little bit of what he’s been up to, including an opportunity to push forward some of the organization’s key values of fitness, bettering oneself, and then also giving back. This is also a lucky weekend for the winner of Sam’s Omaze contest, one that raised over $2.8 million for worthy causes. This is a special weekend, and another event for him that has to feel like the culmination of quite an incredible amount of work. The success of Outlander may have helped to make this platform massive, but really it’s all about the Peakers now who continue to work hard and make sure that the message gets out there. They are the individual components to the overall engine of the initiative.

Of course, after all of this is done, Sam will go back to resume filming Outlander. Work is never really over this time of year! (Of course, isn’t this also a perfect time to be in Scotland? Springtime certainly feels glorious…)

Are you proud of Sam’s many achievements throughout the weekend? Be sure to share right now in the comments.

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