Outlander season 5: Three things the production tease needs

OutlanderIf you haven’t heard the news just yet, this weekend is going to be an exciting one within the world of Outlander season 5! The first production teaser for the new show is going to air before the premiere of The Spanish Princess on Sunday, and we’re expecting this to be at least a tiny slice of joy — even if there isn’t too much else that is given away.

In our brain, we’re expecting something that is between thirty seconds to a minute. Filming hasn’t been going on that long (think around a month), so we don’t foresee something hugely substantial being released. There’s no real time for it now! Beyond the run time, though, we have also arranged a handful of other things we’d love to see below! Check that out below, and below even that, we’ve got our most-recent Outlander video discussion taking a look at the Netflix US deal. View that, and on the other side subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more updates! We’re doing Outlander videos constantly through the off-season and the official playlist is the best way to see them.

1. Most of the cast – We want to see Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe for certain, but why not also include Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin? At this point, the appeal of season 5 is clearly getting the Fraser family all back together, so having them presumably on-screen together (even for a second or two) is something worth celebrating. Also, don’t you want to lean into the humor that all of these actors bring to the proceedings? They all have a spirit and an energy that is infectious — and, more than likely, carries over to the rest of the cast.

2. An updated Fraser’s Ridge – While we don’t know particularly where the teaser is going to be set, we’re imagining that it would be outdoors given that this is where so much of Outlander as a story takes place. Also, Fraser’s Ridge is the new signature setting for the show and through season 5, we’re going to see that expanded. We know that the Big House, the iconic homestead better suited for the expanding family, was being constructed by the crew long before the cast even arrived. Maybe that is something we’re see in greater focus in this tease — we don’t think it’s some enormous spoiler to hide it, so why not just present it to all of the fans who are eager to sink their teeth into something new?

3. An (estimated) release date – More than anything, shouldn’t Starz just put us collectively out of our misery at this point and make it clear that season 5 isn’t coming this year? We’re projecting spring 2020 and while we don’t imagine that the show has to get super-specific, it’d be nice to have a greater sense of clarity. That way, we can at least have a date to place on our calendar and one to look towards in the sunset.

Once the teaser airs…

Rest assured, we’ll come back with more analysis and discussion! As always, our goal is to keep you up-to-date with all things related to the show. You can visit the link here to get some more insight right now on Sam Heughan’s Emmy campaign; meanwhile, share your expectations for the teaser in the comments. (Photo: Starz.)

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