Saturday Night Live preview: Adam Sandler – Shawn Mendes expectations

Saturday Night LiveThis weekend’s new episode of Saturday Night Live is being hosted by none other than Adam Sandler, and we don’t think we have to tell you why this is a big deal. Sandler is an icon for this show! We’re talking about a guy who has gone on to do some big things since he was last a part of the program, and someone who famously didn’t want to come back to host for a long time because he felt like he didn’t have the same perfect skill set that he once had.

Yet, Adam is back this week — maybe it’s to give his comedy a shot in the arm, or maybe it’s a chance for him to just reclaim a part of the magic. Personally, we don’t really care why Sandler is back so much as the sole fact that he is. This is something that we’ve been waiting to see for many years as someone who loved what he brought to the table comedically in the past … though we had utterly no idea what he’s going to bring tonight.

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The truth is that we’d love to see Sandler come on and deliver a number of other classic sketches throughout the night, but the problem is that we’re not sure how nostalgic it really will be. It’s been more than twenty years since Adam was on the show — we’re not sure that there’s a need for Opera Man or any of his other characters (though we would be happy to see Opera Man back regardless). This could be a show where Adam just does a ton of new stuff, or the nostalgia comes more in the form of people who end up turning up who he’s got some sort of past with already. Think along the lines of David Spade or Chris Rock. That could be all of the nostalgia you need.

We just want this show to produce some belly-laughs and remind everyone of some of the golden days for Sandler. Remember when he was one of the biggest movie stars on the planet? We imagine that there are going to be plenty of people who watch this weekend’s show for Shawn Mendes, and maybe some of them (gasp!) are not all that familiar with Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore. That’s an appalling thing to think about from our comedy consciousness, but we have to think that it’s possible.

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