The Blacklist season 6 episode 20 review: Liz reflects on Agnes; the dossier hunt

The Blacklist logo any seasonTonight, The Blacklist season 6 episode 20 delivered a story that, from a Blacklister perspective, was about kidnappings — and the most dangerous sort.

The title character tonight in Guillermo Rizal is someone who seemed intent on bringing together an unusual group of family members — basically, someone who may have split up an embryo into three different pieces and using it to rewrite various parts of someone’s DNA. This was some serious sci-fi stuff — someone who basically played God with some triplets’ DNA in order to get precisely what he wanted.

So what was this guy’s ultimate endgame? Given that he has played God before, we certainly have a feeling that he could play God again. Two of the three kids were seemingly falling sick and were drastic need of help. Liz and Ressler were on the case, desperate to get there and, beyond just that, desperate to help. What they discovered was that this set of triplets was far from the only set. There were all sorts of kids inhabiting this strange place, and all of them were clearly exhibiting some strange behavior patterns.

What we were left to wonder here is fairly simple: What was the endgame here? Well, apparently this research center wanted to create the future of mankind … humble goals, really. Unfortunately, they didn’t get all that much in terms of the connection to Anna McMahon.

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How is Liz reeling from the Ilya revelations?

For now, we’re voting for her being in total denial about this very thing. She doesn’t seem to be altogether interested in checking out possible holes in the story and seems to be happy to just know something — even if it’s not 100% concrete. That’s why she doesn’t have the questions that Ressler does — which, for the record, is Ressler really all of us in the fandom with all of the questions he has about why Ilya would keep up this persona?

While Liz was in doubt, Reddington was in the processes of arranging a buy — basically, doing the sort of stuff that Raymond likes to do. The “guy with a lot of suitcases” bit was pretty hysterical. Basically, he was hunting a man with a certain knack for finding and doing everything. Think in terms of Mr. Cotton. Reddington ended up visiting a Senator in hopes of getting information on him — he’s on the hunt for Cotton and that is making Anna McMahon freak out. For the first time all season, she looks unnerved.

Apparently, McMahon told Mr. Cotton to find something and, apparently, put the “fear of God into him.”

Liz’s decision

At the end of the episode, Liz made it clear that she wanted to figure out more of what her future will be.

As for Reddington, we’re still not sure that he’s gotten what he wants in terms of some key intel about Anna McMahon. He met Liz at the end of the episode, and she made it clear to him in that conversation in the park that she wasn’t afraid of Reddington anymore, and she was going to bring Agnes home.

Meanwhile, McMahon and the President are currently freaking out, since they believe that Reddington has the location of the dossier. He does — or, at least he knows where to start the search … but so does she. They have to find a random kid who was given it. That’s where things are going to go from here — a random kid.

CarterMatt Verdict

Obviously, there was no way that The Blacklist could live up to the enormous hype that there was out there for this episode. How could they, when you think about what we just went through with Ilya? The most important thing of value here is that we were entertained, and the good news is that were.

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